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  • 1. VIAO GRX670-690 MEMORY
    There are 2 memory slots in the VAIO GRX670 or 690. The specs say 2 GIG however in my old laptop you could put more in and the computer ran flawlessly. Has anyone tried to put a 1 gig memory chip in one slot and leave a 256 or 512 MB chip in the other slot? Or has anyone tried to put two 1 GIG chips in both the slots to achieve 2 GIGS memory? Thanks
  • 2. VAIO PCG-SR19GT Touchpad Not Detected
    The computer originally comes with WinME, but I installed WinXP with all the updated drivers etc. a year ago. Everything was working perfectly, but when I tried to format and reinstall WinXP again a couple of days ago with all the XP drivers (including update on BIOS) on the Sony Asia site, everything also worked EXCEPT for the Touchpad. I know the touchpad is ALPS Glidepoint, but Window seems not to be able to detect it. I didn't experience any drop of the laptop, so I suspect it's not a hardware issue. I've done an extended amount of research on the net on this issue and I have yet come into a solution with it. But one advise that many VAIO users with similar problem gave is that sometimes other applications affect the touchpad. However, I have installed a fresh O/S so I doubt that's the case. Another advise was to turn on PS/2 if it is disabled in BIOS. Again, it was unsuccessful because there's no such function for my laptop. My current action to encounter this problem is to use the recovery disc and try to go back to WinME with all the original drivers. After spending endless amount of time, the touchpad is still not working, but everything else seems fine. However, the recovery disc does not allow me to roll back to the original BIOS for WinME and I don't seem to be able to find the original BIOS for my laptop from the net. This is so far my scenerio, if anyone have suggestions, I am welcome to hear from it. Thanks!
  • 3. Problem with CD/DVD drive in Samsung A10
    Hi all, I am experiencing problems with this drive, have tried cleaning but has not worked. It refuses to read discs or burn cd-r/rw. I am using an external drive (usb) at the moment but cannot boot from this drive (in case I want to boot from XP cd). Does anyone have any ideas about how this drive comes out & where can get hold of a new one. Any ideas appreciated.
  • 4. Sony C1-Picturebook Series Audio
    Hi there, I was wondering whether anyone has a Sony C1-series PictureBook with an internal microphone, and wouldn't mind sending me a short sample voice recording made with the internal microphone. I'm thinking about buying one of those machines, but would want to use the microphone for voice recording and would love to hear what it sounds like before purchasing! Many thanks, --Sam Lipoff ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM )

Toshiba Laptops & USB 3

Postby M. N. DOLAN » Sat, 12 Jun 2010 04:30:57 GMT

Love those Toshiba Qosmio {*filter*} laptops, but anyone have an idea of when 
USB 3 will be incorporated into these units? 

Re: Toshiba Laptops & USB 3

Postby Roy » Mon, 21 Jun 2010 04:39:06 GMT

It would be ages before that happens.....

Re: Toshiba Laptops & USB 3

Postby M. N. DOLAN » Wed, 23 Jun 2010 07:53:18 GMT

Maybe not-- I noticed that BEST BUY has the X505-Q880 on sale last week for 
1499.00 -- that's about 400.00 off the list price and it was only available 
from Best Buy online. This could be an indication that there is something 
lurking on the horizon.

It would be ages before that happens..... 

Re: Toshiba Laptops & USB 3

Postby Roy » Wed, 23 Jun 2010 22:24:08 GMT

Yes X505-880 is lovely but its just fitted with three USB 2.0 and no
USB 3.0.

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I have not yet tried setting the thing up on my desktop system, as I wasn't
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Here's what happens in detail:

When I install the drivers from the SoundBlaster CD, it says that the device
isn't plugged in so it won't install the drivers. I thought you always had to
install the USB drivers first and then plug in the USB device.

When I plug it in first, let Windows detect it and report a problem, then
install the drivers, it gets to the end of the installation fine, and I reboot,
but the device doesn't work and still has a "?" in the device manager.

So, I go to it, choose to update driver, and point it to the fresh Creative
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hardware", when it clearly does.

So, I choose to have it proceed with the already-installed Creative SoundBlaster
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I can't find any updates from Toshiba, Creative, or Microsoft for any issue
remotely like this.

"Live the life you love, Use a god you trust
 And don't take it all too seriously"
- Love and Rockets, "Your Private Future"

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