VAIO PCG-SR19GT Touchpad Not Detected



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VAIO PCG-SR19GT Touchpad Not Detected

Postby makingsley » Mon, 17 Jan 2005 20:52:05 GMT

The computer originally comes with WinME, but I installed WinXP with
all the updated drivers etc. a year ago.  Everything was working
perfectly, but when I tried to format and reinstall WinXP again a
couple of days ago with all the XP drivers (including update on BIOS)
on the Sony Asia site, everything also worked EXCEPT for the Touchpad.
 I know the touchpad is ALPS Glidepoint, but Window seems not to be
able to detect it.  I didn't experience any drop of the laptop, so I
suspect it's not a hardware issue.  I've done an extended amount of
research on the net on this issue and I have yet come into a solution
with it.  But one advise that many VAIO users with similar problem
gave is that sometimes other applications affect the touchpad. 
However, I have installed a fresh O/S so I doubt that's the case. 
Another advise was to turn on PS/2 if it is disabled in BIOS.  Again,
it was unsuccessful because there's no such function for my laptop. 
My current action to encounter this problem is to use the recovery
disc and try to go back to WinME with all the original drivers.  After
spending endless amount of time, the touchpad is still not working,
but everything else seems fine.  However, the recovery disc does not
allow me to roll back to the original BIOS for WinME and I don't seem
to be able to find the original BIOS for my laptop from the net.  This
is so far my scenerio, if anyone have suggestions, I am welcome to
hear from it.  Thanks!

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WinXP.  I have all the updated drivers already (cause it worked when I
did a fresh format and install with XP a year ago).  My touchpad
wouldn't work, USB mouse does work though.  I checked my BIOS, can't
find any function with Legacy, closest thing in there is Plug and Play
on/off.  But I tried both on and off already, still a no go with the
touchpad!  I looked in the Device Manager (Show Hidden Devices), I see
under mouse there's an exclamation mark on the PS/2.  My computer is a
VAIO SR19GT just for someone that wants to help me.  After reading
many articles online, I suspect BIOS have something to do with it, I
will try going back to W2K BIOS (original from recover disc) tonight. 
But I'm welcoming all suggestions cause I really need help!

On the side, in winXP, we are suppose to be able to detect network
cards (those common D-Link ones), but after the installing, along with
teh not detected touchpad, doesn't seem to automatically install
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the sony webpage addressing the issues with the intel pro/wireless lan
2100 3b miniadapter but it has not resolved the problem. Any advice
would be welcome.

Thanks in advance,


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