Dell Inspiron 8100 Vertical Lines on display



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Dell Inspiron 8100 Vertical Lines on display

Postby Homer Simpson » Mon, 25 Oct 2004 05:26:36 GMT

I just picked up a Dell 8100 for free from a friend I did some work for.  
All is fine except 5 vertical lines on the screen going the full height of 
the display. Not all the same color but one of them flashes off and on 
sometimes.  Display on external monitor is fine.  I removed the connector 
to the motherboard and blew it out with canned air but problem remains.

Dead LCE or..??

Thanks for any help


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1.Dell vertical lines on screen.

Hi Folks,
         hope someone can help,
         I've been given an old laptop with a strange fault that's
developed while in storage.
         When I booted it up, I found I was unable to read any of the
Icons on the desktop. However, if you display a picture it's O.K.
         Laptop is a Dell Latitude CPM233xt and was running Windows
95. I thought this fault may be down to degradation of windows whilst
not used for about two years so, fdisk, format and install of XP. (I
know xp is overkill on this spec of laptop. Easiest to install without
         Still the same. The logo screen is O.K. but at the bottom
left It usually say's "Microsoft Corporation" This is virtually
unreadable,yet navigate to "Pinball" the table top is displayed
perfectly. The start menu seems to show everything but descriptions of
each thing fades out to the right/bottom of the opened window.
         I've removed the bezel around the screen and removed the
screen to check all connections which appear o.k.
         Any idea's as to what is wrong with this?
         Incidentally, if I use the magnify tool, the magnified text
is displayed perfectly.

2.Dell Laptop with a Red Vertical thin line

Hi guy's,

Anyone come across the cause for a Red Vertical thin line on LCD display. I
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3.Adjusting display on Dell 8100?

I am helping a colleague with his Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop.  The
current resolutions is 1400 x 1050 which fills the 15" screen but the
icons and text are miniscule.

On literally all other PC's that I have worked on one can use the
display properties to lower the resolution to "enlarge" the desktop
appearance albeit have a smaller footprint.

When I try this on this particular machine the viewable image actually
shrinks leaving large black borders around the display area.  The
lower the resolution the larger the black borders.

I've updated the drivers retrieved from the Dell site but I am at a
loss. This is a NVidia GForce machine.

Does anyone have any recommendations or hopefully had experience with
this issue before and provide a suggested resolution?

Thanks in advance.

4.Dell Inspiron 8100 Flickering video

My father has a Dell Inspiron 8100 that has a video problem.

This Dell has the ATI Radeon 7500 Mobility card.

At first, the problem was that sometimes on the desktop there were
vertical lines and "boxes" around the mouse.  Wasn't bad and only
happened at certain times.

Now, the video sometimes is completely distorted with horizontial,
vertical, wavy lines.  Sometimes you can even read the scree.  Almost
looks like when you set a resolution that a monitor can't handle.

Again, this is random and sometimes it's fine.

I thought it was a video card problem, but elimindated that fact today.
 I reloaded the OS and updated the driver (the one from Dell).  The
video issue is also happening at the Dell logo screen on powerup, which
I believe elimindates the idea its a video driver issue.  And yes, it
also occurs on an external monitor, thus eliminating that its a LCD
issue or flex cable issue.  Right?

So I'm guessing it's a problem with the video card itself.  But why
would sometimes it be totatlly fine for hours or days?  I even tried
different power outlets to eliminate "noise" in the power lines.

Any ideas?  Things to try?


5.Help with RAM for Dell Inspiron 8100

I'm trying to sort out RAM upgrades for an Inspiron 8100.  I have a single
SODIMM (256 MB), and would like to add one, and find that I have some
confusion concerning what will fit.  The SODIMM in the machine now is an
Infineon, PC133, CL3, 32Mx64 DIMM.  I find that there are many kinds of chips
that appear to meet those specifications, but that they have widely differing
prices.  Here are 2 specific questions: (1) Do I need a 32Mx64 DIMM, or can I
also use a 16Mx16?  (2) I have seen SODIMMs with the FRU #19K4655, and some
claim compatibility with the Inspiron; does anyone have first-hand knowledge
of whether they will work in the Inspiron 8100?

I would appreciate answers to those 2 specific questions (or pointers to where
I can find answers), as well as any learned treatises on SODIMMs for laptops.

Thanks in advance.

PB Schechter

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