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Dell Inspiron E1505/E1705

Postby Pete LaFlamme » Sun, 10 Sep 2006 05:37:51 GMT

Getting ready to purchase my first laptop.

Went to the Dell store in Dallas today and was given a proposal for each of 
these systems configured more or less identically.

Core 2 Duo processor, 1 GB memory, 120 GB hard drive,15/17 inch monitor, 8X 
CD/DVD Burner (DVD+/-RW) with double layer DVD+R write capability and many 
other relatively inexpensive accessories.

The 1705 is $1513.13 and the 1505 is 1342.54.  Both prices include tax 
(there is no shipping/handling).

Probably get with my cell phone provider to see what unlimited data service 
would cost each month.  I presently use T-Mobile but my contract is up so I 
can change service without a penalty.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Re: Dell Inspiron E1505/E1705

Postby Larry » Sun, 10 Sep 2006 07:11:29 GMT

I have the business version of the E1705 (9400) w/Core Duo 1.83mhz, 1gig 
RAM, 60gb hd, 256mb NVidia video card, 8X RW DVD, Intel 3945 Wireless, & Win 
XP Pro.  The machine is awesome.
The main reason to pick one over the other would be portability.  The 17in 
is  a monster to take anywhere (I have done it, but bought an XPS M140 (aka 
E1405) for travelling purposes) as it is bulky  and heavy.  The E1505 is 
lighter and can take a cigarette lighter adapter, while the 1705 uses too 
much juice to make that possible.  As a desktop, go with the 1705, if you 
need a combination of mobility/desktop usage, take the 1505.
Lastly, I have the true life screen on my M140 and the standard matte screen 
on my 9400.  I like both, but wouldn't spend the money on the 1705 for 
it...the matte finish is just fine for me, though the true life screen has 
more vivid colors at a cost of higher reflection.
You can't go wrong with either, IMO.

Re: Dell Inspiron E1505/E1705

Postby Sinterklaas » Sun, 10 Sep 2006 14:07:17 GMT

That sounds like a very good deal. I just bought my E1505 about a month 
ago, and I am very happy with it.

Re: Dell Inspiron E1505/E1705

Postby Barry Watzman » Sun, 10 Sep 2006 14:46:08 GMT

There are FAR better deals than that available, from Dell on those 
models.  Check  The 1705 has been available for 
about $800, the 1505 for high $600's.  Those prices are not with Core 2 
Duo, but it can be added (about $150 more).  Note that unlike desktop, 
where there is a huge difference, the laptop version of Core 2 Duo (the 
"Merom" chip) is almost identical (only a few percent difference) to the 
previous Core Duo chips.

Re: Dell Inspiron E1505/E1705

Postby Larry » Sun, 10 Sep 2006 22:49:31 GMT

Pricing is around $800 for the E1505 and $1100 for the E1705 , more properly 
configured with just the standard Core Duo processor.....still a very good 

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