Libretto 100CT, Linux, PCMCIA CD-ROM



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Libretto 100CT, Linux, PCMCIA CD-ROM

Postby larwe » Fri, 03 Oct 2003 02:53:09 GMT

Hi all!

I just won a Toshiba Libretto 100CT on eBay, and it's coming with an
Exp CD Traveler CD-2020, which I believe (?) is a 20x device, with a
PCMCIA interface card. I've got a couple of questions:

1. What's the largest HDD size supported by the latest 110CT BIOS? The
version history is uncommunicative. I have a 6, a 12 and some 20s
lying around at home, I'm hoping I can use 20 without outlandish

2. Can someone confirm that when I install a new HDD, I simply leave
the last 64Mb (say 100Mb to be safe) unpartitioned, and the BIOS will
use that space for hibernation? Nothing else special I have to do?

3. Has anyone apart from
< http://www.**--****.com/ ; attempted to
install Red Hat 9.0 on a 110CT? I believe the CD-ROM is an ATAPI
device, so I'm assuming that the PCMCIA-ATA module will support it. So
I should be able to boot off the install floppy and install off CD,
n'est-ce pas?

4. I found some tantalizing references to third-party RAM expansion
for this machine, that would add 128Mb to the on-board 32Mb. Does such
an upgrade exist - if so, where?

Any other hints on this machine and Linux would be appreciated :)

Re: Libretto 100CT, Linux, PCMCIA CD-ROM

Postby Gritz » Fri, 03 Oct 2003 06:01:16 GMT

> I just won a Toshiba Libretto 100CT on eBay

Won?  The seller won.

see  http://www.**--****.com/ 

Re: Libretto 100CT, Linux, PCMCIA CD-ROM

Postby Lewin A.R.W. Edwards » Fri, 03 Oct 2003 07:09:54 GMT

Not really, I paid a reasonable price, and I have wanted a Libretto ever
since I first saw the 50CT.

Unfortunately, most of the "interesting" links are 404s.

Re: Libretto 100CT, Linux, PCMCIA CD-ROM

Postby Philip Nienhuis » Thu, 09 Oct 2003 04:04:45 GMT

Perhaps you can find useful info on my webpage,


It's for a 110CT but that's the same as a 100CT save for a faster 
processor and a bigger HD.
As regards your HD, most info is on the Windows page there (I got 
Windows, OS/2 and ofcourse Linux running on it), especially the 
hibernation stuff (just a bit of a PITA).



Re: Libretto 100CT, Linux, PCMCIA CD-ROM

Postby David Chien » Fri, 10 Oct 2003 06:51:24 GMT

Any 9.5mm HD listed on the site above will work fine. Anything up
to the latest 80GB Hitachi HDs will work.

NOTE!!!: Due to the design of the Libretto BIOS, it puts the
hibernation data (hibernate to disk) at the 8.4GB boundary. Thus, you
MUST partition around the 8.4GB area or you will lose data when the
Libretto hibernates to disk. This is a set feature fixed by the BIOS
and not any OS, and you cannot change this (unless you know how to hack
the BIOS).

For example, you will have a primary active bootable partition from
the beginning of the HD until about the 8.4GB point. the next 200MB or
so will be left empty and unpartitioned. A second partition (or more)
can be created after the 8.4GB limit.

See Libretto Mailing List Archives for quite a few threads on this
topic and how to discover the exact location on the HD where this
hiberation data is written.

(eg. create a small 1-2GB partition on the HD, install an OS. Wipe
the rest of the HD to 0's with a binary disk editor like WinHex.
Hibernate to disk, then wake the PC. Search the HD for the areas where
data has been written - ie. not 0 - around the 8.4GB area. Partition
around this, leaving 50-100MB on both sides to be safe.)


If you use any OS except Linux, Win2k/XP, you will need to install a
disk manager program such as EZ-Drive (recommended) in order for the OS
to see and handle the entire drive capacity. Thus, Win98 users will
need to use EZ-Drive (or any other drive manager) to see any new HDs
installed in the Libretto that is larger than 8GB in size -- even a 10GB
HD will need it if you wish to use all 10GB. It is built into the other
OSs mentioned.

Only if the HD is <=8GB. Otherwise, see above. Prefer to leave
>150MB free because you may expand to 128MB later, and it does write a
bit more than that to disk.

Believe quite a few Libretto Mailling List users have already tried
this. Join and ask them -

If there is any RAM module larger than the largest known (32MB),
making for a total of 64MB total RAM on the L100/110 models, then it's
gotta be a Japanese-only product or hack.

Thus far, no known, confirmed upgrades beyond a total of 64MB (32MB
motherboard, 32MB ram module) has been discovered. & Libretto Mailing List & its

Re: Libretto 100CT, Linux, PCMCIA CD-ROM

Postby larwe » Sun, 12 Oct 2003 01:31:31 GMT

Hello David and Philip :)


Yeah, I read a lot about this. It was confusing because of BIOS
translation issues. The drives I really wanted to install (20, 30G)
always showed up differently on the L100 vs. my install system.
Because of difficulty/complication in trying to install direct on the
L100, I installed on a spare SBC I had lying around, and moved the
hard drive across.

What I wound up doing was searching my junkpile for a HDD that looked
the same on both systems. I finally selected a 10Gb drive. This is
really more space than I need. The machine is being used for email,
writing on-the-go, and for field diagnostics. Nothing HDD-intensive.

The HDD was detected as 1222,255,63. I partitioned as follows:
hda1 (root partition, /) - cyl 0-1014
hda2 (dummy partition for hibernation, type da "non-FS data") -
hda3 (swap) - 1032-1063
hda4 (documents, /data) - 1064-1222

It's OK, I only use Linux.

Hmm... nothing much there! No archives, no list activity...

Anyway, further things I did:

* overclocked to 233MHz. Stable, and much more frisky than 166. BTW,
the L100 is the easiest-to-disassemble laptop I have ever owned. Just
a few screws, no hidden magic catches.
* tested batteries. Wow. I get nearly four hours runtime out of both
of them. It was a good buy.
* replaced 2.5mm headphone jack with 3.5mm jack (this is a bit of a
hack :)
* moved to kernel 2.4.22
* PCMCIA/CardBus support using yenta module (a little tweaking
* audio module does not load automagically, I must manually modprobe
it in rc.local
* up and running with SMC2642W 802.11b WLAN (yaay! I can sit in the
car waiting for my wife at the railroad station and keep up with email
* stripped down all the {*filter*}RH9 loads (!)
* installed fvwm and configured a minimalist X environment

Video performance is surprisingly good. I really like this machine, I
wish the newer Crusoe-based Librettos were (a) available in the US,
and (b) in the same L100 form factor.

Thanks for your recommendations.

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