I can't read the cobwebs in your head.


I can't read the cobwebs in your head.

Postby Jeff_Relf » Mon, 29 Nov 2004 22:45:44 GMT

Hi  Joke_Bloke,  You dreamed: <<
  You cannot compare Mono on Linux and .NET developed by Microsoft
  for Windows. Mono was created with very limited specs and no help
  from Microsoft as a multiplatform version of .NET.  >>

I've posted my code over and over again, it's quite small,
Ingo Molnar provided no source code for his claims,
...How bogus were his claims anyways, I have to wonder.

Imagine if four guys  ( five, if we could count Ingo ), 
generated a report like this:

  2,008  Simultaneous threads acheived.
  57  Seconds per 100,000 simultaneous threads spawned/completed.

I'd find that interesting precisely because it was written
in different languages, using diffent libraries and run on different kernels.

You don't like that comparison ?  What exactly do you want to see and why ?

You mentioned only  " Linux  2.4  kernel threads ",
But Bailo is running  2.6  not  2.4 .

Are you saying he needs to update his libaries or something ?
Do you have these libaries ?  Why don't you just run Ray's code then ?
( Even Bailo has done that... the only one to have run another's code )

You quoted Ingo: <<  ...on the default x86 kernel, 
  it needed roughly 500 MB of RAM to do this test 
  with the IRQ-stacks patch applied.  >>

So ?  We don't have Ingo's code, do we ?

He was using dual P4s with a custom kernel,
I'm using off-the-shelf software  ( Windows XP Home Edition ), 
My 200-buck box has only 256 Megs of RAM, the L2 cache is only 128 K,
I'm also using about 20 megs of system-RAM for Direct Draw 7,
...Think about it.

Re:  Me not doing whatever it is that you want,

You concluded: <<  If that wasn't obvious to you, as it seems from your post,
  you are much more stupid than I suspected or you are 
  deliberately ignoring that fact to support your drivel.  >>

What  " drivel "  am I trying to support ?

How to disintegrate the 2.6 kernel on demand ?

What  " brilliance "  are you trying to support ?

The notion that I can't read the cobwebs in your head ?

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