[News] Linux Chosen Over Windows for Performance, Outstanding Package Management


[News] Linux Chosen Over Windows for Performance, Outstanding Package Management

Postby Roy Schestowitz » Wed, 20 Feb 2008 23:49:04 GMT

ree as in Free Lunch (or Beer, definitely not Speech)

,----[ quote ]
| I use Ubuntu Linux on my server (this is listed in the Technical Information
| page, http://www.words2u.net/pmwiki/?n=GPS.TechnicalInformation).
| Why Linux? It is free and thus can provide infinite ROI with a penny of
| profit. I am familiar with it and don't mind learning more about it. My
| server runs pretty sluggishly with Windows 2000 (I used it for my MCSE
| classes), and trying to fit Windows Server AND SQL on it is asking for
| trouble. Windows NT and Windows 2000 are no longer supported by Microsoft,
| and while I hear BSD and Solaris are solid, both present me with a learning
| curve, which, with my below average intelligence, and above average age, is a
| major deterrent.
| Why Ubuntu? Because Ubuntu's slick desktop, which aims at the uninitiated,
| has an outstanding package management system, and a very large, active and
| friendly user community.



Get down and dirty with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Package managers make getting to grips with Linux easier
| Let me start with a controversial statement: installing new software is
| almost always easier on Linux than on Windows. On most Linux systems, a
| package manager takes care of both the installation and removal of software.


The Thing About Beagle

,----[ Quote ]
| Beagle is a desktop search tool for Gnome. I thought I might give it
| a go, because sometimes I need to find things. Since I am using KDE I
| also installed Kerry, which is a KDE front end for Beagle. All of this
| can be accomplished in Debian as follows:
| apt-get install kerry
| Phew, that was tricky. I can see why those windows guys find Linux
| sooo difficult. It is waaaaay easier to go to some random website,
| download an installer, pray that it is safe, double-click on the
| installer, click "Yes, I do agree to all of these outrageous license
| terms and I don't mind that it includes spyware, and adware", click
| Next, Next, Next, and finally reboot a couple of times.


Free Agent: How to Compile Free Software Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| Let me start with a controversial statement: Installing
| new software is almost always easier on Linux than on
| Windows or the Mac OS.
| I can already envision the angry e-mail. It'll come from
| the folks who write each month, certain that if they use
| enough capital letters and exclamation points, they'll
| convince me that LINUX SUCKS!!!
| But I'll say it again: Installing new software is, in
| most cases, easier under Linux than under other
| operating systems. I've touched on the simple reason
| why many times in this column. On most Linux systems,
| an app called the package manager takes care of
| software installation and removal.


Installing Microsoft Script De{*filter*} in Windows Vista, 10 MB

,----[ Quote ]
| First I have to make sure my copy of Windows is
| "genuine," which involves installing an ActiveX
| component (yuck!) or downloading and running a 1.35
| MB program that takes 15 seconds to load and forces
| me to copy and paste a c

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