Shuttleworth on Ballmer (SJVN article)


Shuttleworth on Ballmer (SJVN article)

Postby » Sat, 13 Oct 2007 02:13:11 GMT

[Shuttleworth is responding to Ballmer's latest threats.]

Shuttleworth continued: "Ballmer is saying that Linux is not a safe
neighborhood for users. He's implying that simply using open source is
somehow dangerous. They need to back off on those claims. They're
simply not true. Microsoft must actually state what the infringements

Shuttleworth said that it is not like Microsoft has any right to throw
stones since they live in an IP violation glass house. "Microsoft
settles an average of one billion dollars in IP claims a year.
Microsoft trades on IP violations all the time. It seems to wrong for
them to use that same framework against open source."

What perhaps upsets Shuttleworth the most is that, at the end of the
day, Microsoft doesn't seem to realize that open source and
proprietary software developers have much in common when it comes to
IP laws.

"Microsoft and open source both have the same interest to create a
level IP platform. The patent system is not good for anyone. It's not
good for Microsoft. It's not good for the little inventor next door.
It's not good for FOSS [free and open-source software]. Companies that
make money by doing nothing but holding on to patents until someone
creates a useful program are the real problem. It's these patent
trolls that are dangers to both."

-Steven J. Vaughan Nichols


Re: Shuttleworth on Ballmer (SJVN article)

Postby peterwn » Sat, 13 Oct 2007 03:51:51 GMT

On Oct 12, 6:13 am, " XXXX@XXXXX.COM "

Like certain Chicago neighborhoods in 1929, perhaps.  They would have
been quite safe were it not for protection racketeers.

Re: Shuttleworth on Ballmer (SJVN article)

Postby Jim Richardson » Sat, 13 Oct 2007 04:50:03 GMT

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On Thu, 11 Oct 2007 10:13:11 -0700,

Agreed, it's well past time for MS to put up or shutup. 

Doing the McCarthy "I hold in my hand" routine is bullshit. 

If they truly believe that Linux violates their patents, then name them,
show what violations they think are occuring. 

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Re: Shuttleworth on Ballmer (SJVN article)

Postby Roy Schestowitz » Wed, 17 Oct 2007 05:17:58 GMT

____/ peterwn on Thursday 11 October 2007 19:51 : \____

Fortune 500 companies fell victim to this routine. Microsoft owns Linux (in its
own mind) and Linux can only be sold through Microsoft coupons, unless you
hide it is some SMB or garage. This cannot be tolerated, of course, because
it's the classic abuse case where a company holds a rival by the balls. It's
racketeering as well, but nobody seems to care. The authorities turn a blind
eye to corporations whose power and impact are greater than theirs.

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