[News] Linux Improves Scheduler Performance, SGI Chooses GNU/Linux for Performance



  • 1. Firefox succeeds where Linux failed miserably
    Create a good solid product that offers value and the users will come and use it. Firefox is a perfect example of that. Put out 300+ half finished pieces of crap called distros and users will ignore it. This is why Firefox is hugely popular and why desktop Linux is still at less than 1% even after being free for over 20 years.
  • 2. How Rasker makes his life harder
    He does it by imagining that Linux slopware is the solution to his imaginary problems. Now that he's been *totally shutdown* on this latest non-issue, he'll lay low for a while and concoct a new braindead scenario. On which he will again be shutdown. And so it goes...
  • 3. sco unix 386
    The other day I picked up a small load of computer parts... A small 300meg drive has sco unix 386 on it... and when I popped it in my amd-450 it actually booted... but I could not log on due to not having the password. I booted over to Linux and had a look at the drive in gparted but it sees it as "file system unknown" Just wondering what file system sco unix 386 uses and if there is any way for Linux to recognize it... My search for a sco unix boot disk has thus far been futile Not a big deal... i should really send the drive off with my next batch for the recycler

[News] Linux Improves Scheduler Performance, SGI Chooses GNU/Linux for Performance

Postby Roy Schestowitz » Thu, 15 Nov 2007 20:23:19 GMT

Scheduler Fixes

,----[ Quote ]
| Ingo Molnar sent a merge request to Linus Torvalds for the latest CFS fixes. 
| CFS, the Completely Fair Scheduler, was merged into the mainline Linux kernel 
| in July of 2007. It was first included in the 2.6.23 kernel, released in 
| October of 2007.    


They still debate CK's patchset.

Born-Again SGI Spreads Its Wings

,----[ Quote ]
| Another key aspect of their strategy in this market is the company's 
| Industrial Strength Linux Environment (ISLE) initiative, aimed at creating a  
| software environment that meets the expectations of high performance business 
| computing customers.  


Linux keeps growing in HPC. I've just realised that Linux is up from 86% to 92%
in just a few months (Windows declines/stays the same at 1%). Wow. Talk about
reversal of roles...


Blade Servers Make It to the Top HPC Sites

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux has ruled the Top 500 list for quite some time, and the advent of a 
| Windows alternative from Microsoft has not, as yet, changed that. Linux is 
|                                                                   ^^^^^^^^
| the sole operating system on 426 of the 500 machines in the November ranking, 
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| or 85.2 percent of the machines, and is also usually the other operating
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| system in the 34 hybrid platforms that make up another 6.8 percent of 
| machines on the list.     


Red Hat and Platform Computing Collaborate to Deliver Integrated HPC Solution

,----[ Quote ]
| HPC Solution, that fully integrates Platform's Open Cluster Stack1 with Red 
| Hat Enterprise Linux. 


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