DVD player AND CD Burner - SVCD Videos not accessible in Suse 8.2



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DVD player AND CD Burner - SVCD Videos not accessible in Suse 8.2

Postby Axel Hein » Wed, 10 Dec 2003 19:03:54 GMT

I am using Suse 8.2 with Xine or kmplayer and watching movies on DVD 
works fine without problems. But i cannot watch movies on SVCD. When 
starting Xine or kmplayer to start the SVCD movie, Xine just hangs and 
kmplayer does not do anything.
I heard that there might be such problems with Suse 8.2 when there are a 
DVD player AND a CD burner installed in the PC - as it is the case in my 
In another PC where there is just one DVD player installed, SVCD movies 
can be watched without problems with Suse 8.2 and Xine ...
I have not found a solution yet. Does anyone have an idea ???


Re: DVD player AND CD Burner - SVCD Videos not accessible in Suse 8.2

Postby Dances With Crows » Wed, 10 Dec 2003 23:39:59 GMT

["Followup-To:" header set to comp.os.linux.hardware.]
On Tue, 09 Dec 2003 11:03:54 +0100, Axel Hein staggered into the Black
Sun and said:

Hm.  What are the error messages you get when you open an xterm or
konsole and do "mplayer -vcd 2 /dev/cdrom" , replacing /dev/cdrom with
the device name of whatever drive you've put the SVCD in?  (NOTE: the
syntax changed in mplayer 1.0, you'd do "mplayer vcd://2/dev/cdrom"
there.)  Is this just with SVCDs, or do regular VCDs exhibit the same

There shouldn't be any problems with having a DVD-R* and a CD-RW in one
machine.  I have a CD-RW and a DVD+RW on my machine, and I can play VCDs
from either drive without a problem.  Both drives are using ide-scsi
emulation, of course.

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Re: DVD player AND CD Burner - SVCD Videos not accessible in Suse 8.2

Postby Axel Hein » Thu, 11 Dec 2003 21:18:18 GMT

Thanks for the hint. "mplayer -vcd 2 /dev/cdrom" works fine, but still 
Xine cannot play the SVCD. On the other hand, on another PC - with just 
a DVD player and no CD burner, with the same installation of SUSE 8.2 - 
kmplayer and Xine are able to play the SVCD videos.
I did not try VCD, since i don't have any.

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