CD writer does not detect the presence of a CD-ROM



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Re: CD writer does not detect the presence of a CD-ROM

Postby mru » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 19:58:42 GMT

"Sameer" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > writes:

The problem is that you are using ms-windows and posting to a linux
NG.  Don't.

Ms Rullgd

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1.CD-ROM not detected on Netfinity 5000

Hello Everyone,

We had an IBM Netfinity 5000 laying around in the data center, and now I
plan to make something useful out of it.
I tried to install FreeBSD 6.2R on it last weekend when I came accross an
issue with the built-in CD-ROM drive.

FreeBSD 6.2R disc#1 is placed in the CD-ROM drive and it boots up nicely to
the first curses screen of sysinstall. However, the CD-ROM device is not
detected (no trace of it in dmesg), therefore I cannot continue the
installation from CD-ROM.
I also tried hooking up different other optical drives, tried another
(proven) IDE cable, played around with device jumpers (master, slave, cable
select) but I ended up with the same (or worse) result.

For some reason, the otherwise perfectly working CD-ROM is not detected by
FreeBSD 6.2R. And it is not detected by my Frenzy CD either, which is
FreeBSD 6.1 based (AFAIK).

I also tried a debian-based Linux distro ( install CD, and that
boots up perfectly fine and recognizes the device (it shows up in dmesg).
An IBM PC-DOS boot floppy with a generic IDE CD driver also recognizes the

A few facts about this machine:
This Netfinity 5000 has only one IDE connector on the motherboard (although
FreeBSD dmesg shows ata0 and ata1, so I guess the integrated chipset itself
provides 2 ATA channels). There is also a floppy connector on the
motherboard and a 2 channel adaptec ultra-wide controller is integrated
which has channel A hardwired to an external connector on the back-panel
and channel B hardwired to an internal scsi connector right next to the
floppy and single ide connector.
The only one ide connector has the plain old 40-wire gray ribbon cable
attached, and the connector socket itself has all the pins so the new
cables where one pinhole is factory-filled cannot be connected.
The original CD-ROM device was set to master, and it is detected by BIOS,
can be booted of from, but is not recognized by FreeBSD. If the device is
set to slave or cable select, even the BIOS doesn't detect it. Many other
(old) CD-ROM devices behave exactly the same way here.
Modern DVD devices are not detected by BIOS at all, not even as master.

If you have any idea how I could get the CD-ROM drive detected by FreeBSD,
please let me know!

It is not an urgent issue as I am able to install FreeBSD on the server by
booting from the release CD and then using FTP instead of CD/DVD, or I can
boot AND install form an external SCSI CD-ROM too. So it is not the need
for help getting FreeBSD installed, it is the need for help getting a good
CD-ROM device recognized by the system.


if you need to reply directly:

2.CD-ROM not detected


When I wanna follow the cd-rom installation FreeBSD cannot mount the cdrom
drive. Dos works fine with it. Anyone knows what to do? My BIOS doesnt
support BootCD-rom.



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