Fair bandwidth distribution of an internet connection shared with IP masquerading



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Fair bandwidth distribution of an internet connection shared with IP masquerading

Postby Anirban » Thu, 30 Nov 2006 04:24:29 GMT

Hi everybody !
I set up a Linux box (Fedora Core 4 on a Pentium III 833MHz processor
and 128MB RAM) to share a broadband connection (dialup type :  uses
rp-pppoe) over a local Ethernet LAN. The material available on the net
was of great help.
The sharing worked flawlessly but then I ran into the next problem
which the tutorials had not foreseen :
            Fair bandwidth distribution.

Can anyone point me to any material on the internet or to any reading
material which broaches on the subject of imposing bandwidth
restriction using possibly iptables.
Any other solution would be equally welcome as long as it does not call
for using a proxy.

Thanks in advance.

--- Anirban

Re: Fair bandwidth distribution of an internet connection shared with IP masquerading

Postby Lasse Jensen » Thu, 30 Nov 2006 06:12:27 GMT

Iptables can't do that, but squid is a good choice if you only have to deal
with HTTP traffic.

Lasse Jensen [fafler at g mail dot com]
Linux, the choice of a GNU generation.

Re: Fair bandwidth distribution of an internet connection shared with IP masquerading

Postby Michael Heiming » Thu, 30 Nov 2006 06:53:15 GMT

In comp.os.linux.networking Anirban < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >:

No need for Internet, install the iproute package if it isn't
already and look at /usr/share/doc/iproute* which should get you
going on using "tc" to play with qdisc/filter/class until it
suits your needs.

"Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO" (ww.tldp.org)
should be helpful in addition.

Good luck

Michael Heiming (X-PGP-Sig > GPG-Key ID: EDD27B94)
mail: echo  XXXX@XXXXX.COM  | perl -pe 'y/a-z/n-za-m/'
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