size of gnome applets?



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size of gnome applets?

Postby konrad krash » Sat, 26 Jul 2003 12:07:53 GMT

I'm looking at the memory usage of different gnome applet,
and the size is simple incredible. For example,

gweather-applet  10.7MB
battstat-applet  3.9MB
multiload-applet 6.4MB
cdplayer_applet  5.5MB
gconfd-2         8.2MB

Some of them might be justifiable (e.g. CDplayer), but 10.7MB
for the weather applet, and 6.4MB for multiload-applet???

I know they might share memory in some places, but still,
this is ridiculously bloated. Is there any way to trim
them down? They are nice little tools, but....

My system config:
- RH9, Ximian desktop 2 with metacity



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