• 1. matching for metaclasses
    I have a huge ontology represented in clips (it was built with protege). It is a hierarchical structure made of COOL objects. I want to filter out references to instances. So the problem would look like I have a pattern to match where I only know the slot type, but not the slot name. A little example of what I'm thinking of: (defclass A (slot one (type INSTANCE)) (slot two (type SYMBOL)) ) (defclass B (slot three (type INSTANCE)) ) (defclass C (slot four (type SYMBOL)) ) (make-instance c1 of C (four sym1) ) (make-instance c2 of C (four sym2) ) (make-instace a1 of A (one c1) ) (make-instance b1 of B (three c2) ) I need a rule which would give back c1 and c2, because it is referenced by other classes. I have of course a lot more classes (with a lot of differently named slots) , and I don't want to write a rule for each.
  • 2. Questions - Higer Order Functions
    1. Is a higher order function: a) a function that can take as a parameter another function b) a function that returns a function c) both? 2. In practice, are functions that return functions used frequently?


Postby Y Waugh » Sun, 05 Aug 2007 04:39:56 GMT

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