Help! Getting error # 18588 in Entourage??


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  • 1. Entourage 2004 scripting IMAP
    Hi -- I'm trying to work on an Applescript to move folders from a POP account to an IMAP account, and do so while preserving the "received date." Moving & copying directly doesn't work. So I tried this, which contains some code modified from a script included with Spamsieve, but it didn't work either. I get the error "Microsoft Entourage got an error: Can't make class incoming message." Thoughts? Thanks. tell application "Microsoft Entourage" set acct to IMAP account "IMAP Account" set thefolder to folder "Mailing lists" in folder "INBOX" of acct set msgs to current messages repeat with m in msgs set msource to the source of m set ifRead to read status of m make new incoming message at thefolder with properties {account:acct, source:msource, read status:ifRead} end repeat end tell - geoff
  • 2. Exchange folders and Folders on My Computer
    Is there any way to have my Exchange folders supplant the local folders, much like Outlook on Windows? By this I mean I do not want the Folders on My Computer folder to be my default folder. This is because the Palm sync software I am using for mail, Qsync, reads the first Inbox it comes across. Thanks for the info, Joe McNamee
  • 3. What does this message mean - permission to decrypt item?
    Every so often when I have the program open, it displays this message in a pop-up window: MS Entourage wants permission to decrypt item "" in keychain "sdou544". Do you want to allow this? What does this mean? I have been denying it, what will it do if I allow it?
  • 4. Can't Print Calendars in Entourage
    I'm having trouble printing Calendars in Entourage 2004. I have a fully licensed version. Although I can't print calendars, I have no problems printing e-mails. When I try to print a calendar, nothing happens. When the Print Dialogue box opens up inside the "Preview Box" there's the spinning wheel. But it just spins and spins and no preview ever shows up. When I click on print, nothing happens. The printer window never opens. Nothing happens what so ever. Has anyone had this problem? I'm running Tiger 10.4 with the latest Office 11.1.1 patch.
  • 5. Gmane newsgroup problems
    I can download the list of groups it carries and even subscribe. However, when I try to download from a subscribed ng I get an "Error: 130". I am at my wits end for things to try. Bob

Re: Help! Getting error # 18588 in Entourage??

Postby simplylisalou » Tue, 12 Dec 2006 03:23:40 GMT

That's strange because I just sent an email to the same group last
week.  Is there anything I can do to try to fix it?

On Dec 10, 11:23 am, Michel Bintener < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

Re: Help! Getting error # 18588 in Entourage??

Postby Michel Bintener » Tue, 12 Dec 2006 03:41:27 GMT

On 10/12/06 19:23, in article

The Entourage Help Page doesn't offer any solution since this, it seems, is
not an Entourage problem. Hotmail/MSN can be slightly bonkers at times, so
I'm not really sure what else to suggest, sorry.

Michel Bintener
Microsoft MVP
Office:Mac (Entourage & Word)

***Always reply to the newsgroup.***

Re: Help! Getting error # 18588 in Entourage??

Postby Diane Ross » Tue, 12 Dec 2006 08:35:28 GMT

On 12/10/06 10:23 AM, in article

Try asking on the microsoft.public.msn.messenger newsgroup.

Diane Ross, Microsoft Mac MVP
Entourage Help Page
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I am trying to send an email to a group I've set up and every time I
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I upgraded to the 10mb pay version of Hotmail after reading that Hotmail 
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I have noticed that there have been a few emails about this error
message, but the only 1 that seems to nearly match my case is over a
year old and the topic was closed without a resolution posted.

I might add that I have the latest MSN Messenger, and a current hotmail

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