Merging from Word to Entourage - Missing Mail Icon in System Preferences



  • 1. Problem: Entourage hangs after computer sleeps
    This seems pretty reliable. If my computer goes to sleep, when it wakes, Entourage will be hung. Control clicking on the icon in the dock brings up "Application Not Responding," so I force quit. When I launch Entourage again, all is well until after the next sleep. Suggestions? TIA. Entourage 11.2.5 Mac OS X 10.4.8 PowerBook G4
  • 2. entourage project center - associate contacts for outgoing mails
    i can associate contacts for the incoming mails to be routed to the correct project, but what about new outgoing mails to the same contact? unless it is a reply to an incoming message, this has to be manually linked mail by mail which is a pain..any ideas? thanks
  • 3. Furious with upgrade
    I will never trust microsoft again. I allowed the most recent upgrade to Entourage and right off the bat, it asked me if I wanted to import data from a bunch of different versions, none of which was Entourage 2004 which I was already using. Second, after I installed the upgrade, my projects (DOZENS OF THEM!) were GONE. COMPLETELY GONE. I sent a message to Microsoft but of course they ignored me. Now, I am getting quadruplicates of SOME emails on my .mac account but not on my hotmail account, both of which are managed by Entourage. I can delete one copy of the mail but the rest of them just sit there taking up space. I am also unable to delete SOME single emails on my .mac account. Everything worked great before the upgrade. Is Microsoft getting incredibly sloppy or what?
  • 4. Corrupt Entourage Database
    It's a good idea to tell us the version of Entourage, the OS, and any other pertinent details about what happened when the warning(s) showed up. There is a recent Office update and prior updates, too that may address your issue. Check for updates. On 12/21/06 20:30, in article XXXX@XXXXX.COM , "Tony Hall" <Tony XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote: > Having continuing problems with a corrupt Entourage database. > I have used tools to rebuild database but message appeared next day again. > Exported all mail and created a brand new identity. Imported the exported > mail and within 2 days the message that the database was corrupt appeared > again. > Using Entourage even though message pops up daily. > > Any ideas what causes this and how to fix it?
  • 5. Can't "Un-JUNK" Email
    Hi, The problem is that Entourage filters emails from one of my own accounts and sends them to the Junk. I can press "Not Junk' as much as I want, the next time Entourage filters them again. How can I teach Entourage permanently that mails from a certain sender are not Junk? Thanks, E.

Merging from Word to Entourage - Missing Mail Icon in System Preferences

Postby vexedgirl » Fri, 02 Dec 2005 11:45:44 GMT


I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out.

When trying to create merge documents in word, I want to merge to email
rather than to my printer.  I went to Word help and it said to activate
this I needed to go to the apple, hit system preferences and then
choose the email icon in the system preferences (under internet &
network).  No such icon on any of my computers -- I've looked at MS
help and can't find anything telling me why this is happening and how
to make icon appear and also no information through Apple help. So, how
do I get the mail icon to appear so I can follow the directions MS has
in help --- or, is there another way to create merges?  I have list in
Excel and want to send personal notes (Dear so and so, etc) to each
individual email.


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