When I change the format of text, Word:mac applies that change to the whole document



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Re: When I change the format of text, Word:mac applies that change to the whole document

Postby Daiya Mitchell » Thu, 08 Mar 2007 03:26:21 GMT

This problem gets reported a lot and every time it's the Automatically 
Update setting on the style, so I'm surprised Michel's post didn't fix 
it.  But maybe your documents aren't formatted in Normal, so here's 
another suggested try:

Make the problem happen. Put the cursor in that text, go to Format | 
Style.  Whatever style it is, click Modify and uncheck "automatically 
update".  Test on the same bit of text, to see if it worked.

If that doesn't work, here's something you can do to help diagnose the 
problem. Make the problem happen.  Then on the Standard Toolbar, check 
out the Undo icon.  Use the little black triangle on the right edge of 
the icon to pull down the Undo list.  What are the last 3 or 4 things 
listed?  That tells us what Word just did.

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