Trouble opening Word 2007 for Windows files with equations on my Word 2008 for Mac



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Re: Trouble opening Word 2007 for Windows files with equations on my Word 2008 for Mac

Postby Peter Jamieson » Fri, 08 Jan 2010 03:54:38 GMT

FWIW, not being familiar with this area of Mac Word, when I try to open 
a Word 2007 document containing a Word 2007 equation (not the older type 
of equations) I see a dialog box that says that Word 2007 equations are 
not supported in Word 2008, that the equations will be preserved so that 
they will be visible if re-opened in Word 2007, but will "display as 
placeholders" in Word 2008.

I expected that that might be a single placeholder, perhaps like an 
empty picture frame. However, it is a bunch of apparently editable 
rubbish as you say.

Options - at least ones that seem just about viable to me - include:
  a. if you have access to Word 2007, use that
  b. ask your student(s) to create a PDF from their Word 2007 document. 
If they have been able to keep their Word 2007 installations up-to-date 
they should be able to "Save As" in .docx/.docm format to preserve their 
work, then in .pdf format.
  c. if you need to annotate their text and return it, either
     - work with both the Word document and the .pdf or
     - open the .pdf in Preview and use the Annotate button to insert 
annotations, or use a suitable version of Adobe's own software to do it.

Peter Jamieson


Re: Trouble opening Word 2007 for Windows files with equations on my Word 2008 for Mac

Postby Michel Bintener » Fri, 08 Jan 2010 16:14:28 GMT

In addition to Peter's helpful answer:

If I remember correctly, there is definitely a problem with equations in 
documents that are exchanged between Word 2007 and 2008, as Word 2007 
uses an entirely new mechanism to create and display equations, a 
mechanism which the Mac version does not understand. It might be worth 
trying to save the document in the old binary ".doc" format (Word 
97-2004 format) to see if the equations then work in Word 2008. Don't 
hold your breath, though...

Michel Bintener
Microsoft MVP (Macintosh)

*** Please always reply to the newsgroup. ***

Re: Trouble opening Word 2007 for Windows files with equations on my Word 2008 for Mac

Postby Peter Jamieson » Fri, 08 Jan 2010 19:37:09 GMT

Good point - from Word 2007 SP2 at least, the equations are converted to 
images which display OK in Word 2008. I should have checked!

Peter Jamieson


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