Changing the format of selected text causes the entire document format to change



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Re: Changing the format of selected text causes the entire document format to change

Postby NotThatGuy » Thu, 02 Jul 2009 03:24:59 GMT

This happens to me as well.

AND: what also happens is that it changes the formatting of the header and footers! It adds two, blank, double-spaced lines!

This is hugely frustrating. It started happening in MS Word 2004 (I'm on Tiger 10.4.11) several months ago and I finally upgraded to MS Word 2008 thinking that would solve it. Nope!

Please send help.


Re: Changing the format of selected text causes the entire document format to change

Postby John McGhie » Thu, 02 Jul 2009 18:46:32 GMT

This is a problem with the way you have defined your styles.  You can read
information on it in the Word Help.

There's an article here that explains it:


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