Word and excel constantly giving me 10 - 30 seconds spinning beach balls



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Word and excel constantly giving me 10 - 30 seconds spinning beach balls

Postby phillman5 » Wed, 17 Sep 2008 06:14:17 GMT

Leopard 10.5.4, Word 12.1.2 (2008), 4 GB, fairly new machine 2.6GHz
Intel.   Just doing simple things like selecting menus, copy small
amounts of text, going from one word document to another word
document, I am constantly getting a spinning beach ball that lasts 10
- 30 seconds.  This seems to happen in both Word and Excel.  What
gives?   I tried Excel 2004 and did not have this problem at all with
the same document.

Re: Word and excel constantly giving me 10 - 30 seconds spinning beach balls

Postby MC » Wed, 17 Sep 2008 06:53:50 GMT

In article 

Take a look at your Save preferences. How often does Autosave run? If 
it's 1 minute, that can cause this problem. Increase it to 5 minutes and 
it might go away. 

Of course, it could easily be something else altogether.


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