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Drawing Tools not available in Drawing Toolbar

Postby nandor » Thu, 20 Nov 2008 00:14:41 GMT

Version: 2008
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
Processor: Intel

The things I miss the most in 2008 when working with simple drawings is the ability to simply use the Drawing Toolbar to do things like "align center," "horizontally distribute," or "send to back."

I complete understand that I could add each of these things to the Drawing Toolbar through the customization process. But I don't want to clutter that toolbar with all six different "align" tools, all six "arrange," all three "group," and both "distribute" commands. In 2003 what we USED TO be able to do is add the "align" menu button, and when we clicked that one we would get the six "align" choices. But from what I can tell the "align" button is not in the "Commands" list in the "Customize Toolbars and Menus" window, so there is now way to add the "align" button. I SUPPOSE those buttons may be hiding somewhere in the "Commands" list, but I can't find them - just the individual commands themselves.

Does anyone have know how to add the align button (and the others) to the Drawing Toolbar? Yes, all four of those buttons are in the Formatting Palette, but frankly that window is so big and clunky (and it's constantly shifting to various sizes and tabs) that I can't stand to use it; it may be the most annoying window ever created by humankind, but I digress. I was hoping when I chose to "Customize Toolbars and Menus" I would be able to drag those Formatting Palette buttons to the Drawing Toolbar, but unfortunately the Formatting Palette disappears during the customization process.

Thanks for any help....

Re: Drawing Tools not available in Drawing Toolbar

Postby CyberTaz » Thu, 20 Nov 2008 02:56:41 GMT

You can add the DrawAlign command which may be all you need.

Optionally you can add the NewMenu item to a toolbar, then add the desired
individual alignment/distribution to that menu.

Quite honestly I find the Formatting Palette takes a bit of getting used to,
but I find it's far more efficient than you give it credit for being :-)
unfortunately it can't be customized & some of its controls can't be added
to other bars.

HTH |:>) 
Bob Jones 
[MVP] Office:Mac

On 11/18/08 10:14 AM, in article  XXXX@XXXXX.COM ,

Re: Drawing Tools not available in Drawing Toolbar

Postby nandor » Thu, 20 Nov 2008 09:39:54 GMT

Hi Bob.

Thanks for the help. I went with using the NewMenu Command (or whatever it actually is), though it took me a few minutes to figure out how to use it. Pity you can't designate an icon for a menu, though, rather than being "stuck" with the text description/title (at least, when right-clicking on the menu and selecting "properties," the icon-choosing button is grayed-out and non-selectable). Pretty much what I needed, though, thanks!

Re: Drawing Tools not available in Drawing Toolbar

Postby CyberTaz » Thu, 20 Nov 2008 11:38:14 GMT

eah, I was disappointed that you can't use an icon, but at least you can
name it as you wish. Glad it worked out!

Regards |:>)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

On 11/18/08 7:39 PM, in article XXXX@XXXXX.COM ,

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