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Bullet styles

Postby Sol Apache » Tue, 13 Sep 2005 16:05:18 GMT

I am preparing several templates which need a few bullet styles and I have
found that if I create a new bullet in one template the bullet dialog box is
showing bullets labelled with styles from another template altogether, and
if I select a bullet style and change it to the style I need, the style in
the other template loses its bullets.

So we have only FIVE bullet styles to use throughout our **entire** Word

Is this true? (unbelievable if it is) Is there a workaround? Is it the same
in Word for Windows? Is Microsoft looking into this?

Thanks for any help


Re: Bullet styles

Postby John McGhie » Tue, 13 Sep 2005 17:45:51 GMT

Hi Sol:

No, it's not true.  You can have as many as 200 bullets or numbering
styles in a document.

Each of those styles can have up to Nine levels (i.e. be attached to
nine paragraph styles).  However, the user interface will SHOW you
only the 14 most recently used in the document.

You refer to "bullet styles".  That's a good name for them, but it's
not the 'correct' name for them.  Internally, they are known as "List
Templates".  That is to remove the confusion, because they are NOT
styles.  A List Template can have ONE level, if it is a "Bullet" or
Numbered" list template, or it can have Nine levels, if it is an
Outline List Template.

A List Template can have a Paragraph style associated with it (or nine
styles...)  If it has, applying the Style (using Format>Styles...)
will apply the list template.  Applying the List Template (Using
Format>Bullets and Numbering...) will apply the styles.

1. To set up extra Bulleted styles in your document, first begin by
using an Outline Numbered list template.

2. Create the styles you need.  I recommend using List Bullet through
to List Bullet 9.  These are the defaults.  List Bullet and List
Bullet 2 through 4 will already exist in the document, if you need
more, create them.  Base each one on the one before it, and set the
tabs and indents and all the paragraph and font properties.

3. Now apply the top style (List Bullet) to a paragraph.

4. Click in Format>Style>Modify>Numbering>... and choose an Outline
List template closest to the one you want to end up with.

5. Click Customise

6. Click the MORE button

7. In Attached Style choose List Bullet

8. In the narrow field at the top left of the dialog, click Level 2

9. In the Style field, choose List Bullet 2

And so on...

This associates all of your Bullet styles with the same list template.
You can then switch from one bullet list level to another in the text
by clicking the Promote or Demote buttons (Same as Indent and
Out-dent, but active if you are in a list.

When you have associated the ninth style with a list template, create
another set of styles, choose a different list template, and do it all
again, until you have enough.

If you want to get really serious, use the Macro Recorder to record
yourself while you set up a set of bullet styles.  Then edit the code
to adjust what it does when you re-run the macro.

That's the basics: come back to us if you need more.


On Mon, 12 Sep 2005 08:05:18 +0100, Sol Apache < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

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