Spinning beach ball or slow down or freeze on opening windows sourced Word doc



  • 1. Word crashes when opening multiple documents
    Hi everyone, I'm trying to troubleshoot an odd problem whereby Word 2004 shuts down whenever opening more than one document at the same time. Sometimes it will open two simultaneously, but three always seems to crash it. It's a problem that's cropped up relatively recently. I'm running the latest version (with all the latest updates) on Mac OS X 10.3.8. Here's what I've tried to troubleshoot the problem: 1. Completely removing, then reinstalling Office. (Using the Remove Office program on the CD) 2. Repairing permissions, running all the cron scripts, etc. I can duplicate the problem easily, by opening Word and creating three separate documents. When I try to open them, the first will open no problem, but when I try to open the second (with the first still open) Word quits with no chance to save. This one has me baffled. Any thoughts on what the culprit might be? Matt
  • 2. Word crash when opening earlier version of document
    I have Word X for Mac Service Release 1. When I try to open a previous version of a Word document saved with Version Tracker, Word quits and I get an error message from OS X: "The application Microsoft Word has unexpectedly quit." There are 10-12 previous versions, and trying to open any of them crashes the program. Prior to the crash, I had renamed the file using "Save as...". Now there are two differently named files with identical version histories. Only this file seems to cause a problem. I was able to restore a previous copy from last October ported to the Mac from my Windows machine (may it rest in peace), whose title began with "Backup of." and it opened previous versions OK. So did a backup whose title begins with "Bkup." (the Word X version); when I opened previous versions of this file after using "Save as," this also worked OK. Any suggestions on 1) What happened to this file, 2) How to fix the file so recent versions can be opened, and 3) How to prevent this from happening in the future? You can imagine the impact of finding that previous versions of a document are effectively gone!
  • 3. word crahes when opening "macros enabled" file
    When I try to open any previously saved Word document it asks if I want to enable or disable macros. If I choose to enable them I am immediately kicked out of Word every time without ever seeing my document. If I disable them it becomes a read-only file, which is of little use to me in that form. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • 4. Why is Word 2004 running so slow?
    Using MS Word 2004, on my G5 with 1gb of ram, the program seems to run really slow. There is even a delay between clicking to scroll, and when it actually starts scrolling through the document. Is there anyway to speed up the program? Is this a known issue, or is it a setting on my end?

Spinning beach ball or slow down or freeze on opening windows sourced Word doc

Postby Marco Coulter » Sat, 13 Aug 2005 20:54:29 GMT

I open a word doc that was emailed to me from a windows user.
I see the document open and can see the first screen of it quickly. Then
Word freezes and if I click on the scroll bar, nothing happens and I get the
spinning beach ball. This lasts for a few minutes then the document is
usable in a normal way. [other programs running work fine during this time,
it only seems to impact Word]
There are no graphics, or linked material that would cause the scroll to
generate processor overhead.
It does not happen with documents created in Word for OS X.

Is anyone experiencing this or am I imagining it.

Thanks, ...Marco. 

Re: Spinning beach ball or slow down or freeze on opening windows sourced Word doc

Postby John McGhie [MVP - Word and Word Macintosh] » Sun, 14 Aug 2005 00:32:23 GMT

Hi Marco:

That document contains a very large quantity of "trash" that Word is
skipping over before it can show you the result.

Copy all except the last paragraph, create a new blank document, paste into
the blank and save under a new file name.  That should clean the document
out and it should operate correctly from there.


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