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  • 1. spelling and grammar in other languages
    Does anybody knows if word for Mac 2004 has spelling and grammar for other languages besides English?, Thank you!
  • 2. AutoNew Macro and Bookmarks
    I've coded a macro for Mac on my Office 2003 PC, except, when the Macro is opened on the mac, it doesn't auto run. I'm looking for any possible reason that is? I can release the code if some VBA debugger in here has a Mac, and would provide feedback as to what the issue is, rest assured, its document automation, and in no way viral coding! I used the Sub AutoNew() ... tasks here involving bookmarks and text using Input Boxes Maybe the FormatDateTime code could be the problem!!? End Sub Method Is there any one prepared to do some testing and provide input back or anyone who can spot something else obvious that may be wrong?
  • 3. XMLNameSpaces.Add
    I am trying to add a schema to word in C#. It is asking for 4 parameters, but the VBA code can be called with only 1 (path to the schema) Does anyone have an example of code adding a schema to the word application in C#? thanks much, Dan
  • 4. Function Keys F13-F16
    Running Word 2004 on an iMac G5 under OS X 10.4.2 with 512 MB memory. My keyboard has function keys F13 through F16 in addition to the first 12 described in online Help. I have not found a way to attach these keys to Commands via the Tools-Customize dialog. Does Word recognize them ? If so, how do I assign them to commands ? TIA for any directions or ideas. -- Will --
  • 5. passing arguments to MacScript
    Hi, I have a Perl script that I want to call from VB via the MacScript function via Applescript. The Perl script takes an argument and I am having trouble getting MacScript to handle the passed argument. Here's the snippet of VB code: ... in-line Applescript here Etime = MacScript(ASArg) Debug.Print Str(Etime) 'Call Perl script, via Applescript to convert Etime to HH:MM:SS format ASArg2 = "set Etime2 to do shell script ""/Users/ed/Codes/DBscripts/ -t """ + Str(Etime) Debug.Print ASArg2 Debug.Print Etime2 Etime2 = MacScript(Str(ASArg2)) Here's the debug output: 190 set Etime2 to do shell script "/Users/ed/Codes/DBscripts/ -t " 190 The argument I want to pass (Etime) is the returned value from a previous Applescript call via MacScript. If I declare ASArg2 to be a String, I get a Run-time error #5. If I declare ASArg2 as a Variant and wrap ASArg2 inside a Str function inside the second call to MacScript, I get a run-time error #13. The problem seems to me to get the last literal quote to enclose the passed argument. So the question is, how, in VB, do I embed a variable inside a literal string and thereby pass an argument thru MacScript, to the target script? Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Ed

Mac to PC Conversion

Postby UGV0ZXJ0 » Wed, 22 Oct 2003 03:31:13 GMT

Have had a Mac .doc Word file sent to me via email. It opens cleanly on 2 of the 3 computers I use but the third cannot translate it. It comes up with the Select Encoding screen. The 2 systems that work are running Win2K and Office XP patched to the SP-2 level and the system that does not work is running a fully patched Windows XP and Office XP to SP-2. All systems have deen installed with all converters (as far as I can see). The one that does not work I isntalled as a custom install and I installed everything except the online tutorials.

The systems that work recognise that there is a data and a resource fork.

Any ideas as to what might be wrong?

Re: Mac to PC Conversion

Postby Jim Gordon » Wed, 22 Oct 2003 11:16:37 GMT

Hi Petert,

I think there's a "Detect and Repair" feature in Office XP. Try giving that
a chance to fix the non-working installation.

-Jim Gordon

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Re: Mac to PC Conversion

Postby anonymous » Wed, 22 Oct 2003 13:14:54 GMT

Hi Jim

Tried that but it still does not work. Very starnge


XP. Try giving that
the same thread.

opens cleanly on 2
translate it. It comes up
work are running Win2K
that does not work
SP-2. All systems
can see). The one that
installed everything
and a resource fork.

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