Spinning Beach Ball - MS Word X & OS 10.3.2



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  • 3. Installing Fonts
    I understand that there are some font issues as to Office 2008 replacing old fonts. This question is different. I can't seem to install a font and have office see it. I have a font called pasdenom, a ttf font. I install it via font book (and also manually) and it does not show up in my drop down fonts list. When I use format fonts replace font it does show up. On my other computer it will not show up at all in office, but I can see it in font book and using another app, Photoshop CS3 I can use it. I am using Office Home and Student Edition
  • 4. Duplex printing in Word 2004 and Leopard
    I bought a new iMac with Leopard installed. Although not computer savy, I then installed a new HP LaserJet P2015d & Office:mac 2004 (student & teacher edition).<br> When I want to print via Safari or Firefox, I'm given the option to print 'two-sided'. However, in Word, this option does not appear in the print popup box.<br> Does anyone know why? Is there a way to remedy this situation?<br> Thank you.<br> HMB
  • 5. Footnote
    Yep. Put the cursor in a footnote. Then Format | Style. Footnote Text should already be selected. Click on Modify--make sure "add to template" is CHECKED, and "automatically update" is UNCHECKED. Change the size to 10pt, click OK, click CLOSE. _____________ Is there a way to change the default font size for footnotes in Word? My default size is 12, which is too large for a footnote.

Spinning Beach Ball - MS Word X & OS 10.3.2

Postby TGluZGEgS2luZw » Sat, 14 Feb 2004 00:01:09 GMT

I seem to notice a correlation between seeing the spinning beach ball more often after launching MS Word for OSX. I removed the PDFMaker.Lib and this improved the performance a great deal, but still noticing the SBB more often after launching Word.

Anyone know about this?

Re: Spinning Beach Ball - MS Word X & OS 10.3.2

Postby Eric Olson [MSFT] » Sat, 14 Feb 2004 05:54:32 GMT

Many Word issues are related to corrupt Word Settings or Normal Template.
You could try removing the Word Settings file, then testing. The Normal
Template could be renamed, then test. Be sure Word is closed before removing
or changing any files. You could also consider running the Remove Office
utility and reinstalling Office X completely.

Eric Olson [MSFT]

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

often after launching MS Word for OSX. I removed the PDFMaker.Lib and this
improved the performance a great deal, but still noticing the SBB more often
after launching Word.

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deckman wrote:
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