Automatic Update application ignores permissions


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    Hey all, I have OS10.4.9 in my business mac network, and I installed Office X on the server and the reception computer. Initially it was the same licence and as others have described, I could not use both programs at the same time. However to improve our office efficiency, I bought a new copy of Office X today, and installed it. However it still won't let me use both versions at the same time even though now I have two licences! Why is this? The Microsoft website is not forthcoming, and they don't have any help lines to call. I can't find anywhere to input my new product key, so maybe it still thinks I have the same version, but I don't have anyway of finding this out either. Please help. I'm rather frustrated. Cheers, Chris
  • 2. Valid CD key not accepted after installation
    I had to format my G4 PowerBook (running Tiger) and reinstall everything. After using my original 2004 Office CD to reinstall Office X, I entered my 20-digit CD key in the MS Office X Setup Assistant that pops up when first opening an Office application. Result is error message: "The CD Key that you entered is not valid. Make sure you entered the CD Key Correctly." After re-entering about 10 times to no avail, I talked with MS tech support. He was kind enough to tell me it is a VALID CD key, but can't help me beyond pointing me to their online support. The only pertinent post there tells me to make sure not to mix up B's and 8's (I think I know the difference). End of story: unless someone knows how to get around this, I'm STUCK with a VALID copy of Office X and no way to use it! What good does it do to have a CD KEY and product ID if the software maker won't accept them???????
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    I have a problem that has only cropped up today. For some reason all Office 2004 programs are unable to print. I can print from any other program, but not from Office. When you attempt to print the print dialog will come up, but will be unable to show anything in Quick Preview. If you hit print you get an error message indicating "Word cannot print due to a problem with the current printer. Make sure you have a printer selected in Print Center. You may need to print again or adjust your printer settings." I have tried deselecting Quick Preview in the print dialog and it makes no difference. I have also checked to see if you can get a print preview by selecting Print Preview instead of Print. You can see the page image in Print Preview, but cannot print, same error. I have tried saving to PDF from the print screen with the same results. I have uninstalled Office 2004 using the Remove Office tool, including removing all preferences, and then reinstalling Office from cd. The new version had the same problems as the old. I have used Printer Setup Repair to check and repair my permission settings and delete all printer preferences. This did not affect printing in Office. I have checked and Office, including the newly installed version, is updated through 11.3.4. I am at a loss on what might be causing printing to not function in Office, when it functions in every other program. Has anyone come across this problem before?
  • 4. Custom Installation for Office Mac 2004
    I'm new to Mac and just purchased a new iMac and ordered Office 2004 Student Edition. Does anyone know if I can just install Excel? That is all I really need. From reading these boards, it sound like since I use Office 2007 at work and Office XP at home any files on the Mac are not yet compatible with my pc versions? Also, I ordered my iMac with 2gb of RAM. Will this run Excel smoothly? I have no intention of installing boot camp or parallels. I didn't even want the Office, but I need excel. Thanks in advance.

Automatic Update application ignores permissions

Postby Kyle » Sun, 15 Jan 2006 01:56:03 GMT

I have a managed account on my computer - I've allowed the user to
launch all Office applications except the Updater, Remove Office, and
the Handheld Sync Installer.  However, if the user clicks "Check for
updates" in the Help menu in Word, the Updater application launches,
and the AU daemon is put in the list of applications to startup on
login.  I guess this is the place to report such a bug - does anyone
know how to prevent the user from launching the Updater application in
this way?

Re: Automatic Update application ignores permissions

Postby Mickey Stevens » Sun, 15 Jan 2006 10:39:25 GMT

Does the user account have the "Allow Supporting Programs" box in the
allow/disallow program list checked?  I think that allows AutoUpdate to run
even if it's not one of the explicitly stated "allowed" applications.

On 1/13/06 10:56 AM, in article

Mickey Stevens (Microsoft MVP for Office:mac)
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Re: Automatic Update application ignores permissions

Postby Kyle » Sun, 15 Jan 2006 13:18:52 GMT

If I uncheck this box, do you know if there will be any side affects?

Re: Automatic Update application ignores permissions

Postby Mickey Stevens » Mon, 16 Jan 2006 02:42:03 GMT

You'll definitely have to allow the Microsoft Database Daemon & Microsoft
Office Notifications explicitly.  I don't know if there are another
applications you need to allow for it to work properly.

On 1/13/06 10:18 PM, in article

Mickey Stevens (Microsoft MVP for Office:mac)
PowerPoint FAQ featuring PowerPoint:mac: < http://www.**--****.com/ ;
Entourage Help Page: < http://www.**--****.com/ ;

Re: Automatic Update application ignores permissions

Postby Kyle » Mon, 16 Jan 2006 06:16:22 GMT

I have all of those enabled; I was asking if you knew about any other
programs being affected by my disabling this option.

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