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  • 1. Do Business Alliances Ever Really Work?
    With the dissolving of AIM once and for all, it reminds me of the broken promises of Taligent, Pink, OpenDoc, the whole PPC consortium (which included Microsoft at one point), and any number of companies who banded together against Microsoft. Unless I'm mistaken, all these efforts failed. This is as much a testament, perhaps, to Gates' kung fu as it is to the futility of trying to drive a race car with four steering wheels. The next time I see companies raise their hands together in a show of unity (even Apple and Intel), I'll be skeptical unless there are other circumstances. At least now Aptel will never be slower than Wintel. But will Steve be able to get the same CPU as Michael Dell at the same price as Michael Dell? Perhaps some technology swaps (could the USB vs. FW battle end here?) and other incentives might ensure a steady, competitively priced supply of hardware. We'll see...

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