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OT: John McCain's flip flops

Postby Snit » Tue, 26 Aug 2008 03:34:18 GMT

< http://www.**--****.com/ ;
    McCain has been in Congress for more than a quarter-century;
    he bound to shift now and then on various controversies.
    But therein lies the point McCain was consistent on most of
    these issues, right up until he started running for
    president, at which point he conveniently abandoned literally
    dozens of positions he used to hold. The problem isn just
    the incessant flip-flops though that part of it it
    more about the shameless pandering and hollow convictions
    behind the incessant flip-flops. That the media still
    perceives McCain as some kind of traight talkerwho
    refuses to sway with the political winds makes this all the
    more glaring.

    Here the list.

Follow link for the list.

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Snit < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote:

> "George Graves" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in article
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How could it have been obvious, it's not even true,

You mistake information for facts.

Andrew J. Brehm
Marx Brothers Fan
PowerPC User
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> >>> According to the numbers in the news, yes.
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> >>> Of course the number of deaths caused by Saddam was not mentioned
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> >> From Saddam or from the sanctions...
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> > Saddam was responsible for using the resources he could access. Unless
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> >> Can you support that claim?
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> > Yes. India is a democracy, and so is Russia (to an extent). Indonesia
> > doesn't have a MWD program, as far as is known.
> Russia does.  N. Korea may.  Pointing to countries where they probably do
> not does not support your claim.
> >
> >> Seems that N. Korea seems quite capable.
> >
> > Indeed. And I wished China would finally do something about it.
> Why China and not the US?

Because then you and the news and your democrat friends will complain about
that as well.


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