Application security and permissions


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Application security and permissions

Postby Anthony Chavez » Tue, 22 Feb 2005 15:23:00 GMT

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Hi, all!

Given my Unix background, I have been in the habit of installing native
OSX (Panther) applications, then chown-/chgrp-ing the bundle (and its
entire contents) to "appropriate" security settings, i.e. root:admin

What I'm discovering is that certain applications seem to be at odds
with this, in that they need to have write access to (certain parts of)
their application bundle.

I'd be interested in knowing if any of comp.sys.mac.misc have any best
practices that they care to share, regarding this.  Naturally, I'd like
to avoid simply making the bundle and its contents world-writeable, but
group-writable (would chgrp'ing to staff be a better move?) might be
acceptable if I could narrow the scope so that only certain
files/directories had those permissions.


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