Expos?- keep apps shrunken?


Expos?- keep apps shrunken?

Postby Matthew.DelVecchio » Wed, 08 Jun 2005 09:16:49 GMT


so i tried out expos and while i think it's pretty cool, i think an
improvement/customization would be nice.

im a power user. i usually have many apps loaded at once. exposis
awesome, i love being able to minimize the clutter and get a bird's eye
view, then click on the app i want (F9). but...as soon as you click on
one, WHOOSH -- back to the clutter! granted, your selection is the fore
window. but the clutter is back.

so while trying it, i started to want something slightly different...i
think it would be great to keep all the apps scaled down ("shrunken").
i click on the one i want and it comes to the foreground. i use it, w/
the other apps still tiled behind it.. then i can either:

1) Minimize my app back to the tileset
2) click on another background shrunken app to restore it
3) hit F9 to scale & tile all apps again
4) hit F11 to view the desktop
5) hit something else to go back to normal-mode

....this would be cool. granted, it may introduce another level of user
complexity, therefore it should be an option the user must choose to
turn on.

but it would keep all my apps scaled until they are retrieved again by
me. this would help me manage my workflow and operate w/ less visual
"noise" (half a dozen program windows everywhere).

has anyone else thought about this? it would be slick....


matt del vecchio

Re: Expos?- keep apps shrunken?

Postby Jeff Wiseman » Wed, 08 Jun 2005 11:09:22 GMT

A pair of cinema 30" displays would have nearly the same effect :-)

Jeff Wiseman
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Re: Expos?- keep apps shrunken?

Postby Matthew.DelVecchio » Thu, 09 Jun 2005 03:02:07 GMT


nobody else found the instant return of window clutter maddening?

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