First off for today is a show down between several actors with enormous egos vying for the lead as Bond.



  • 1. Upgrading an older computer - advice please?
    Ok, I decided to update some parts on my Mac. Here is what I have now- Power Mac G4 desktop Mac OS X version 10.3.9 CPU- type Power PC G4 CPU-speed 1.25 ghz Memory 1.25GB (four slots- 500, 500, 250, 0. ) I have ordered - ~ Memory 2x 500MB from crucial ( I'll replace the 250MB stick ) ~ Verbatim 250GB Smartdisc firewire hard drive (#96528) ~ Mac OS X Leopard V10.5 ~ Apple iWork '08 Now I have two questions - 1. I'm ok installing memory, done that before. And I will do that FIRST. But any thing I should do BEFORE I install Leopard? Guess I'm a bit wary that Leopard might mess with some of my current files/settings. 2. After I am done installing this stuff is there anything else I might do to help my system? Is it possible, or even advisable to replace/update such things as the processor or video card? I'm just trying to get some more time of of this machine and improve the performance in a cost effective manner. Thanks for any advice! BTW, I was shocked at how much the cost of memory has dropped in the past few years. I'm getting twice what I bought last time for LESS that HALF the original cost. AMAZING!
  • 2. what is this 'cloud'
    Hi, I keep coming across references like this: "MobileMe is advertised as push messaging service, so some users were disappointed to find that some desktop updates may take as long as fifteen minutes to find their way up to the cloud." I've read a bit about mobileme and some of the other services claiming to use the cloud, but all I can see is servers and clients using the same protocols as before. So what is is this cloud the marketing minions keep mumbling about? Is it real or is it just another one of those mantras they come up with from time to time to keep people ignorant, swimming round in circles like goldfish and saying 'this is new' from time to time and not understanding how the internet actually works? Or is it something else entirely? Andy
  • 3. ping Snit
    Long time! How's it going? Why are you hanging on COLA? You know there are more than enough freaks on CSMA to go around. And there's always CSMS to fall back on..

First off for today is a show down between several actors with enormous egos vying for the lead as Bond.

Postby service0211 » Sat, 26 Apr 2008 23:39:08 GMT

First off for today is a show down between several actors with
enormous egos vying for the lead as Bond.

George Clooney and Brad Pitt are the main contenders for the part.
Both have the eye candy appeal to the female viewers and are looked up
to by young men hoping to be in their position in a few years time.

Both actors are itching to be first with the big impressions so along
they come with their drivers, Jeff Gordon and Lewis Hamilton. Both
drivers are fans of luxury watch manufacturers and are always on time.

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