333 Mhz iMac Upgrade


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  • 1. Can I Install Different MAC OS Versions On Different Hard Drives
    My G4 iMac is running 10.2.8 on the internal hard drive. If I install 10.3 on my external LaCie Firewire drive, can I boot from either drive without problems? Will I experience any problems going back and forth between the newer Apple applications (Safari, Mail, iMovie, iDVD) and the old ones? Thank you. -- Kurt Todoroff XXXX@XXXXX.COM Markets, not mandates and mob rule. Consent, not compulsion.
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    For various reasons I'm looking to buy an old Mac that will be OS9-only (NOT Classic). What was the best or fastest model of that type? Thanks.
  • 3. Suddenly lost network conection! Any ideas?
    Okay... We have a network setup of around ten PCs and one mac. The mac is running OSX panther and I recently connected it to the PC network using DAVE 4.1.1 This has been working fine for a few weeks now. Yesterday my colegue and myself were sharing assets to author a DVD across two PCs and the mac. No problems. Today I turned on the mac to continue the project and although nothing has been changed I can no longer see any of the network or connect to the internet. I've tried using a different network cable and reinstalled and configured DAVE but still no joy. Any ideas as to what's happened? Thanks
  • 4. remove the imac stand?
    I'm interested in getting a 17" imac-G5... Ideally I would be able to remove the stand from the case, in order to take it when I fly interstate as carry-on luggage (no, i don't want to pay more and get a powerbook) Has anybody been able to remove the stand? How easily could this be done? (also, what speed is the serial ATA hard drive?) cheers, Ben
  • 5. I am dying here!! OS X freexzing
    I can't work for more than 2 minutes some days others its 30 occasionally a couple of hours but my OSX 10.2.6 is ALWAYS freezing. When it boots. waiting for local disks FREEZES loading extensions FREEZES Firewall Extensions loading FREEZES never the same twice. Netscape for OSX and FREEZES, Dreamweaver MX for OS X 10.2.6 minimum FREEZES, MS Word on OS 9 classic FREEZES. Everything is working fine no high end processes going on, I move the mouse and I mean just MOVE IT or click a menu FREEZES. It seemed like a memory problem but I can't find how to allocate more memory to a program so I bought more. Thought it was a mouse problem, swapped mice?? Hey, I'll try almost anything, I can't work at ALL productively. Running beige G3 tower with 466 mhz ZIF upgrade (G4) 768 MB RAM, 80 GB HD partitioned for OS X 10.2.6 (told not to go any higher) and OS 9.2.2, 30 GB HD also still running old OS 9.2.2 for a few special programs. I have no clue where to start and I am running out of patience, I am dying here. I have owned Macs since the original. I am tired of clean installs!!! My PC WXP Compaq Armanda E500 laptop with 1/3 of the Mac RAM and 1/3 the HD space NEVER crashes!!! Tips, advice, or willing buyers appreciated. Rick

333 Mhz iMac Upgrade

Postby BearcatScott » Sun, 14 Nov 2004 03:17:25 GMT

I was thinking of upgrading my 333 iMac with a G4 CPU upgrade from 
FastMac, OS X, and a new hard drive.  What kind of hard drive can I put 
in the 333 iMac and has anybody tried the G4 CPU upgrade from FastMac or 
from another source?



Re: 333 Mhz iMac Upgrade

Postby tacitr » Sun, 14 Nov 2004 13:56:06 GMT

>I was thinking of upgrading my 333 iMac with a G4 CPU upgrade from 

You can put in any IDE hard drive you like; however, you MUST partition it, the
first physical partition must be 8GB or smaller, and the OS must be in the
first partition, or it won't boot.

The best way to ipgrade a Rev. D iMac? Buy an eMac. Not that much more
expensive, really, and you get a machine that's a whole lot better--and has a
bigger screen.

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