iSync Panther 10.3.5 and SE K 700i


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    On Sat, 04 Sep 2004, Sander Tekelenburg wrote: > [Crossposted and follow-ups set to <news:comp.sys.mac.system>] > > In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, > Joe Davison < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote: > > > Last month I asked about the message I see when attempting to mount > > my desktop disks on my iBook over my airport connection -- > > complaining that the desktop doesn't support secure connections > > using SSH, even though I can use ssh between the two machines. > > This came up in <news:comp.sys.mac.system> back in may, when the URL > schemes security hole[*] was discussed. IIRC the story was that the > system used to just quietly fall back to a non-encrypted connection > until Mac OS X 10.3.4, which added the warning. > > Whether this _can_ work at all or not is unclear to me. > > > Apparently no-one had any advice to offer, as there were no replies. > > If you posted that too to <news:comp.sys.mac.apps>, that might > explain it. Note follow-ups. > > Thanks for the info that the warning was added in 10.3.4, and the suggestion of this newsgroup, I've not been following it. joe
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iSync Panther 10.3.5 and SE K 700i

Postby Sven Eckert » Wed, 03 Nov 2004 23:02:35 GMT

Hello, I have a little problem using iSync with my SE K700i.
It runs accurately, but does not sync postal addresses at all.

 Is that a bug, rather in the cellphone or in iSync?!
Phone numbers and email adresses do well.

Thanks, Sven 

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1.iSync SE K700i (Panther 10.3.5)

Hello, I have a little problem using iSync with my SE K700i.
It runs accurately, but does not sync postal addresses at all.

 Is that a bug, rather in the cellphone or in iSync?!
Phone numbers and email adresses do well.

Thanks, Sven

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there are independent files for each 1-touch key and the file for 9 is 

In any case, I have Handy File but don't know where the 1-touch data is 
stored. Can anyone point me to the location of that data (so I can attempt to 
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-- Thanks in advance, Verne + Entourage 11.0.0 + iSync + Palm: Syncing Issues

After a fair amount of googling, I've been able to get my Palm-powered
PDAs syncing nicely with 10.3.4, however, it seems I have to disable
the iSync conduit in order to sync with the latest version of

iSync used to launch automagically when using the Palm hot sync button
on my PDA, and both the Hootsync Manager and iSync would do their
syncing together, but now unless I disable the iSync conduit, it will
not sync at all. 

Incidentally, doing a hard reboot of the Palm PDAs was the only way I
got get the syncing to work at all.  Naturally, a hard reboot reverts
the Palm to factory defaults, meaning all data and non-standard apps
are lost in the process.  

It pays to have good back-ups!

Thanks for any suggestions/pointers.  Palms own infocenter is both a
mess of old and conflicting info, and it's awfully slow - and this on

-John Steinberg

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