Safari and JavaScript


Safari and JavaScript

Postby Tim Streater » Sat, 30 Apr 2005 00:37:32 GMT

{*filter*}y Safari 1.3. I spent a couple of hours proving to my satisfaction 
that my Javascript was correct and was indeed modifying the document 
objects correctly, and that the non-appearance on-screen of the effects 
of my JavaScript was not due to bugs I introduced elsewhere.

So I restarted Safari and all is fine. But it definitely seems there are 
still bugs.

-- tim

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myImages = [
then referenced like this:
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Is this a known bug with Safari? Broken arrays?
(BTW the above works in every major browser's
recent version; those I have tried)
I can write a string literal into the src property:
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What gives? Am I doing something Really Stupid (TM)?
Thanks in advance for advice.
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