mac G3 with System 9.1 and PCI USB card won't wake up



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mac G3 with System 9.1 and PCI USB card won't wake up

Postby balesmachine » Thu, 15 Jan 2004 03:06:45 GMT

I have a problem. I have a solution. I have a Mac G3 with a added PCI
Card to allow USB devices to be used. I have been running System 9.0.4
for ever, and had no problems. I have several USB devices plugged in
to the to PCI card, including a printer, optical mouse, external USB
CD Burner (SONY), flashcard reader, etc. When I upgraded to System 9.1
from 9.0.4 I noticed a problem. More often than not, I could not get
my Mac to wake from sleep. I had to reboot to get it to come back to

I accidently discovered a work around. Seems if I turn off my Sony CD
Burner with the power button on the front of it, my mac will ALWAYS
wake up. I don't now why this is, but since I don't use the burner
much at all, it is no problem keeping it turned off, and this solves
the sleeping problem.

Thought you might like to know this.

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