Good Omens for PowerBook Fans


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  • 1. Standard Apple Warranty
    Does anyone know whether the standard Apple 1 year warranty is transferrable if a product is sold within the year? Apple is so busy trying to huckster AppleCare, that their site makes it hard to find the fine print to the standard warranty. Could someone give me a link? Spent a half hour looking for it. -- Never believe anything until it's officially denied.
  • 2. Macbook + iPhone on same wireless network question
    This is really a wireless question; my wife just got an iphone and I've noticed any time it's online in the house it hogs the bandwith to the point my MacBook can't even load a site. We have a Netgear wireless router (basic model)--is there a workaround or setting for a typical wireless router that will allow both to function simultaneously? Tx again everyone, Rog

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