Problems creating bootable OS 9.2.2 volume on FW HD - SOLVED


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Re: Problems creating bootable OS 9.2.2 volume on FW HD - SOLVED

Postby Eric P. Peterson » Wed, 11 Jul 2007 04:49:40 GMT

Sorry to waste the space, all...this was a ridiculously simple fix: Get 
Info on the Classic Mode volume, uncheck "Ignore ownership on this 
volume" and all is well :)

- E

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1.Problems creating bootable OS 9.2.2 volume on FW HD


I had a perfectly functional install of OS 9.2.2 on its own partition of 
a LaCie FW HD, for use as Classic Mode when booted from a G4 Quicksilver 
running OS X 10.4.10. I got the system on the Classic Mode volume to 
boot the machine once, too, before I started messing around with things 
(and I don't recall now what all I changed). Usually, I'm not too 
destructive with OS 9.x, as I'm far more familiar with it than I am with 
OS X. Well, I reached a point where trying to boot from that 9.2.2 
volume got me the gray floppy disk with flashing question mark, forcing 
a manual shutdown and startup.

I learned that I should not have formatted the partition for the Classic 
Mode volume as "journalized," so I booted the machine from my OS 9.2.2 
install CD and erased the volume, choosing Mac OS Extended format. After 
succeeding in that, I performed a clean install of the OS, minus 
Airport, Internet, and Speech items. I chose to update Apple disk 
drivers. All went well, so I selected the new system in Startup disk and 
restarted. This time, I got a screen with a blue folder with flashing 
question mark on it. This reminded me that I'd forgotten a FW driver.

After booting from another system volume and dropping the LaCie Firewire 
Support extension in the new Extensions Folder, I tried restarting again 
to boot from the new system. This time, I again got the gray floppy with 
flashing question mark.

I'm completely stumped at this point, as I didn't touch anything in the 
newly-installed system other than to add the extension. I want an 
install of OS 9.2.2 that I can use as Classic Mode under OS X, and to be 
able to boot the Quicksilver from it and run under 9.2.2. I know this is 
possible, because it worked before, but I'm clearly missing some detail 
that I can't recall.

Any helpful advice that will further me along toward success with this 
project will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and happy computing,

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My new iMac does not run Classic. I copied the "System Folder" from the 
Mac OS 9 CD to the new iMac and burned a CD-R. The old Power Mac does 
not boot from the CD-R when I restart it holding down "C".

My investigation revealed that the System Folder in a bootable CD-R must 
be "blessed" by turning on a boot bit or something. When I copied the 
System Folder to the iMac, it became unblessed. How can I turn on the 
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In article <170720030931173278% XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,
 erwan < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote:

> OS X 10.2.6
> I use an external FW HD (Maxtor 5000) but sometime I need to switch it
> to connect another FW HD (Maxtor 1394) for backup purpose. 
> impossible to do it without a Kernel Panic and restart
> Here is the sequence
> 1- use of FW HD-5000
> 2- eject FW HD-5000
> 3- Stop computer
> 4-plug FW HD-1394
> 5- Start computer
> 6- Kernel Panic panel
> 7- stop computer
> 8- Restart computer (should be performing an fsck.... takes time)
> 9- can work with new FW HD-1394
> Is there anything I should do or not ? (cannot put them in parallel,
> the 2nd FW slot is used by the CD-RW unit, and daisy chain doesn't
> run... freeze the computer)
> I don't understand what happen when changing external HD, any place to
> look for indepth info?
> It seems FW drivers are not very stable (oh my consistent SCSI... where
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I'd suggest a 6pin to 6 pin connector so you can keep both HD's attached 
at the same time.

Jeff K

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