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  • 1. considering moving to imac, convince me
    I'm having trouble finding concise and comprehensive information on imacs, even at the store. Sales persons don't get paid very much I guess, and don't even seem to understand simple questions. Do the current on the shelf imacs have intel processors? Will I be able to hookup existing Windows disks from an old Windows pc and transfer files off those that I want to keep? If so, by what method? Do imacs come with both an internal disk and an external disk stock? I use pc's with several. I can hardly believe 500MB of RAM could be sufficient for much these days, anyone know of where these are sold with standard RAM double that? How much would I have to pay for partitioning software for an imac? And backup software? I have invested a lot of money on Windows PC's over the years, and expect I would have to invest much more were I to do the same things with an imac. Are software prices for these still out of this world? Thanks y'all.
  • 2. Mac Mini trouble with non-Apple keyboard.
    I could use a little bit of help with this one. As many of you know, several months ago, I bought a 20" Intel Imac. Then my Father-in-law decided to switch, and he bought the same exact computer. My mom had a Dell that I bought for her about a year ago. And to be quite honest, she was continually hosing it up with malware, just because she doesn't know any better. I decided a Mac would be much better for her as well. I picked up a used G4 Mac Mini, knowing that all she does is E-mail, Browse, and collect her digital pictures. The mini came with a, older Apple keyboard, probably form the grey/white era, but it had one broken key. I set it all up at my house, cleaned it out, and got it all set up for her the way she would use it. Then I let it run for about a week, no problems at all, it would go to sleep, and once a day I would wake it up, maybe hit a webpage, then let it go back to sleep. On the day that I brought it to her, I stopped by the Wal-Mart, and bought a generic type USB keyboard for $20. I set it up at her house and all seemed fine. Except when it goes to sleep and you wake it up, you cannot type anything, hitting a key WILL wake it, but you cannot type. If you unplug the keyboard and plug it back it, it then works fine. Is this a known problem? Do I need to buy an Apple keyboard, because the closest Apple store or Compusa, is over an hour away.. Jerry
  • 3. Tiger on a beige G3 with XPostFacto?
    Will XPostFacto allow me to install Tiger (OS10.4) on a beige G3 or is OS10.3 the best I can do?

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