DVD Player and Leopard


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  • 1. Strange audio behaviour on iBook running 10.2.6
    I have been having a problem with audio delays on my iBook running 10.2.6. As an example, suppose that I do something that causes the system to play a sound. I will hear a soft click. The sound will then play 1-3 seconds later, or not at all. This happens with several sounds in several situations in several apps---some examples are the sound played by Mail.app when I receive new e-mail, or the beep when there is more than one option for tab-completion in Terminal, or the beep when I search for a string in a Safari window that isn't there. Can anyone suggest why this might be happening, or what I can try to do to fix it? Thanks, -Lotofun
    Bob Harris < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news:< XXXX@XXXXX.COM >... > In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, > XXXX@XXXXX.COM (seto) wrote: > > > Hi, > > I'm having problem with my G4 Mac OS X 10.2.6. > > Frequent crashes of various applications (iDVD,iMovie most since those > > are the one I use the most. Reproducable!!). All crashes loggs an > > error looking like this. > > Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001) > > Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0x848967ff > > How should one interpret this? > > > Do you have 3rd party memory installed? > > Do you have 3rd party device drivers installed? > > Do you have kernel hacks installed? (haxie?) > > There are the most likely sources. for memory you can try removing some > or all 3rd party memory, or cycling through the different 3rd party > SIMM/DIMMs and see if the behavior changes. > > Bob Harris Thanks for the tips, * I do have 3rd party memmory. However same behaviour with only standard SIMMs. * 3rd HW, well LaCie Firewire HD.. However I whana be systamatic here, i.e. at least one "google" entry of somone having a problem with some device befor starting to unplug, deinstall driver for every thinkable device. * No hacks. Latest OS X patched. regards /Sebastian
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    >Now, I think Macs threaten the livelihood of >IT staffs. If you recommend purchasing a computer that requires only >half the support of the machine it is replacing, aren't you putting your >job in danger? Exactly. Yes this is precisely the answer. -------------- Vote Arnold Schwarzenegger for California Governor in 2003! Vote Bush for President in 2004!
  • 4. Network Time Sync
    Help please! I am unable to get the "use network time server" options in the Date & Time system preference working (OS 10.2.6). Every time I click on the Set Time Now button I get a message that says, "Synchronization Failed. Your NTP server may not be responding. Try again later." I have tried using different time servers. I have also tried with my computer both behind my router and directly connected to the internet. I have a PC at that is able to sync time with no problem, so I'm assuming I don't have my Mac configured correctly. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks! Michael

DVD Player and Leopard

Postby Ymir » Mon, 28 Jan 2008 00:05:13 GMT

When 10.5 was released one of the features advertised was improved error 
detection when playing back DVDs.

I've noticed, though, under Leopard that many DVDs which played fine in 
Tiger are now skipping over sections. Now it's possible that those DVDs 
have somehow become damaged in the interim, but I find it unlikely given 
that they are properly stored etc. Unfortunately, though, I no longer 
have Tiger installed and don't want to reinstall it just to test this 
particular hypothesis.

I'm just wondering if others have encountered this issue. I know that 
under Tiger I had one or two (very old and thus much more plausibly 
damaged) DVDs which would cause DVD player to hang. I'm just curious if 
they've perhaps gone from insufficiently robust error detection to 
hypersensitive error detection.


Re: DVD Player and Leopard

Postby mikePOST » Mon, 28 Jan 2008 05:38:46 GMT

I think it's more likely that your drive's lens needs to be cleaned.

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