mousepad keeps not working ibook 800


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    I finally got an external HD that works. It is 150GB. I have never portioned a HD before. This is what I would like to do. Portion it into three parts. One, for bootable clone of my G4/400, Two, for bootable clone of my iBook G4, and three an general back up for the G4/400. Does this sound feasible/doable? Michael
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    I do have a Mac keyboard, but little space left on the table, so using a PC PS2 keyboard for the G4 through a Roline Master View plus CS-114 monitor/keyboard/mouse switcher would be nice. This means I'll have to use a PS2 -> USB converter between the switcher and Mac. I know those converters often doesn't work (on PC), especially for extended/multimedia keys or a multikey mouse. I can just keep using a separate mouse for the Mac, as long as the keyboard works. -- Kind regards, /Mogens V.

mousepad keeps not working ibook 800

Postby me » Thu, 16 Sep 2004 07:50:01 GMT

hi there,

the mousepad on my ibook keeps failing. It works fine then suddenly 
stops recognising input.

The only way to get it back is to reboot! 

any ideas?



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  Tonight I dragged a fresh 9.2 from an Install CD. The Installer would
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  Mac OS ROM
  System File
  Classic SUpport files

  over to the experimental disk. It now boots, with the 640x480 problem!
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  I believe Apple has been sloppy in the last couple of Mac OS 9 boot
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too much and probably could have gotten a Tibook 667 G4 for the same 
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Airport card

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