When to buy a Mac? rumors


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  • 1. connecting Clamshell iBook to new iPod
    A friend purchased a new iPod. iTunes will not read CDs with his Dell laptop (a problem noted in the README). He was given a Clamshell iBook with USB 1.1 port. The iPod says that it requires Firewire or USB 2.0 to operate. Is it possible to make this chain to get the iPod to sync with files on an external hard-drive? I am not sure why they require USB 2 since the protocols are intended to be backwards compatible. Is a speed issue? iBook|USB1.1---[USB1.1 Interface|Hard-drive|Firewire Interface]---iPod Will they talk? The music would reside on the external drive as the iTunes sources. I guess that the iBook would be mounting the iPod via the USB 1.1 interface via the Firewire. Cheers.
  • 2. File sharing between 10.3.x and 8.6
    I haven't succeeded yet in file sharing between my friend's new iBook G4 and a beige G3 running 8.6. I can't log onto the iBook through the G3's Chooser, even using the IP number option (my Airport base station has an IP # assigned through DSL, and the iBook has one of those sub-addresses). The G3 has an Ethernet connetion to the Airport Base Station. I'm wondering if I could use the Classic environment on the iBook to do classic file sharing between the two. Does the Classic environment extend to network connections? Thanks for any tips, Amanda, new to OS X
  • 3. Yosemite G3 video problem
    My wife bought a used Yosemite B&W 450 mHz G3 yesterday. I don't think she had them boot it for her, unfortunately, but this is a used Apple store with which we have had a good history and which has a good reputation in general. I wasn't along for the purchase or I'd have had 'em fire it up for me. Connected it to the monitor we had around the house, a beige Apple 16" Color Display from a few years back, using an Apple adapter to account for the different cable. On booting it up, the computer doesn't properly drive the video. The image is basically colored interference lines and no discernible images whatsoever. It's got an ATi Rage128 video card We're probably taking it back anyways because the hard drive sounds like it is dying. However, is the video problem likely due to an incompatibility between the monitor and the computer, or is the video card hosed in some way? The monitor has been functional with several other Macs, so I see no reason why it would be the problem.
  • 4. Launching applications from Finder using only keyboard
    Hello, Another stupid question: is there a way to launch an application from Finder using only the keyboard? I can navigate to the application just fine, but how to make it start short of double-clicking with the mouse? Thank you, Dmitriy
  • 5. system owns a gif file in the trash
    I crashed while burning a CD and now I have a file in the trash that the Mac OS X 10.3 thinks is a system file. It has system ownership and for some reason "wheel" has group priviledges. Whenever I try to empty the trash, my computer locks up. And of course I can't delete the file which is named QT3.gif because I don't have permission. I tried to use sudo in terminal to change the permissions but I can't find the file. I used "find" and "whereis" commands. I turned on root user according to the Missing Manual by David Pogue but I do not get the Other entry option to log on as root user. Could someone help a trembling hacker and earn eternal gratitude. Please and thank you.

Re: When to buy a Mac? rumors

Postby Fetch, Rover, Fetch » Wed, 24 Dec 2003 13:17:05 GMT

IBM has already seeded (Alpha stage), and maybe already into production of a 
90nanometer G5 chip which is supposed to be cooler and less power hungry
Given the recent addition of a G4 iBook, there exists the possibility that a G5 
powerbook will be announced. I would put this at about 25% probability.

If this does not happen in Jan. A G5 powerbook should be announced by or for summer.

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