Standard toolbar keeps disappearing - Outlook Express



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Standard toolbar keeps disappearing - Outlook Express

Postby Bruce » Tue, 26 Aug 2003 02:01:43 GMT

Sorry - this is with Outlook Express 6.

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1.The Standard Toolbar in MS Outlook has disappeared.

How can I get back the standard toolbar with all the features that it had?  
It just suddenly disappeared!

2.Standard toolbar keeps disappearing

"Bruce" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
news:066201c36a60$05a3ee60$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> 1) Click "Create Mail"
> 2) The Standard Tootlbar on the new message may or may not
> show up.
> 3) Click View - Toolbars and then select Standard Toolbar
> 4) Standard toolbar now appears
> 5) Send message
> But now when I go to create a new message, the Standard
> toolbar may or may not show up and I have to turn it back
> on again.  Why does the Standard toolbar keep shutting off
> and what can I do to make sure it stays turned on?

Open a new mail, set the toolbar selected, close that window! now open a new
mail, it should be as you closed it?

3.why does the Standard TOolbar keep disappearing?

I keep having to enable the Standard toolbar (the one with the Save button,
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4.outlook 2000 standard toolbar keeps going away!

My setup:
About 200 clients, all using Outlook 2000 as their email program.
Email is on an exchange 5.5 sp6a server.

Only one user is reporting that everytime she comes in in the morning
and opens her email that her "Standard" toolbar is gone. She knows how
to get it back, but it is just gone the next time she reboots her
comptuer and opens outlook.

I will sit in front of her machine and fix the toolbar problem, close
outlook and reopen it and the toolbar is there, but it seems like
outlook knows when I am not around, and when she opens it, outlook
takes the standard toolbar away again.

Kind of an annoyance, and making me look like a bafoon if i cant get
it fixed.
any ideas?
Jazz Mann

5.Outlook incomplete "Standard" toolbars keep popping up

When I move from e-mail to e-mail message in Outlook, I get incomplete 
"Standard" toolbars that keep getting added.

This started several months ago after a blue screen.

I have since wiped off Office Professional completely and re-installed, but 
the problem persisted.  Now I've upgraded from Office Professional 2002 to 
2003 (XP) and the problem still remains.

This is quite repeatable.  The only difference seems to be how complete the 
"Standard" toolbar is -- sometimes it has all the buttons, sometimes just a 
few or 1, and sometimes no buttons at all.  When you right click on the 
toolbar area to manage the toolbars, there are several entries named 
"Standard" that correspond to the extra toolbars that get added.

I'm guessing it's something in the Registry possibly, since the application 
re-install didn't fix it, but I'm open to suggestions to help troubleshoot 
and resolve this PIA issue.  Occasionally because the toolbars get shifted 
around, I've deleted e-mails when trying to move from one e-mail to another.

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