Tips on Outlook and Getting Things Done



  • 1. Cannot send emails when using laptop overseas
    I cannot send emails from mylaptop when I am overseas..I keep getting error message 0x800CCC79...It is possible to receive emails..any Ideas
  • 2. Hotmail Java links not working (errors on page)
    Have posted this to IE6 and Hotmail groups as is relative to both and I don't know which is the culprit. This seems to be contained to just one computer - no problem with others. Using Hotmail with IE6. html links work fine but some links that are Javascript controlled don't work. Such as the help link and all the message links don't work so I can't read messages. links to different folders work though. All hotmail pages load with "Done, but with errors on page" and these can be various depending on link used. "Object expected" is common. Have checked through java settings and reloaded both microsoft and sun versions but problem same. Only difference I can think of is connection is dial-up through isp that requires proxy settings - not sure if this can affect anything.
  • 3. Email screen has disappeared
    Please check my email box. When I open it, I can only see the first inch or so down to the "new mail, delete, block" etc. boxes. I cannot see the email to open or send messages.
  • 4. attachments in my hotmail account
    when i'm composing a new email. i click on the attach button and it should come down a little menu that says file etc. mine doesnt. it comes up blank. my sisters account wich i use on this same computer is fine, its just mine... is it a setting ive accidently screwed up? any suggestions?

Tips on Outlook and Getting Things Done

Postby TimK » Tue, 30 Oct 2007 02:08:10 GMT

For a bunch of Outlook tips, inbox management techniques and thoughts
on David Allen's Getting Things Done, check out  http://www.**--****.com/ 

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