Holding local-hostnames in LDAP is it possible?



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Holding local-hostnames in LDAP is it possible?

Postby David H. » Sat, 05 Mar 2005 21:00:10 GMT


I was wondering whether it is possible to store the local-hostnames for 
the Mailserver in LDAP and have sendmail pull the information from there.
We have an (unfortunate) setup where the primary MX accepts Mail for 
about 200 domains. The Backup MX would have to extract that information 
to set the mailertable entries correctly. This is only a simply queue 
only spillover backup that will then deliver to the Master MX.

I need to keep the mailertable on the backend and the local-hostnames on 
the frontend synchronised.

Maybe this is something where I could allpy LDAP-Routing? I am very 
grateful for tips and tricks.


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