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  • 1. Inputting Dynamic Variables
    I am trying to organize a set of dynamic variables that can be modified either by using an input field or by updating the variables from a file. When updating from a file I use a button. I have a large number of variables although in the toy example below I just give 3. The modules will end up in a private context. The idea below is that the function pp[] contains a list of all the variables in a held form. The list named vals can be obtained by reading from a file with new values updated from new files. Below I give an example that works. However, there must be a better way... Having a ClearAll in a button seems a poor method for getting back to symbols rather than values. Any suggestion for a better approach.? ReSet[] := DynamicModule[{}, Dynamic[TableForm[ Table[InputLine[pp[][[i]]], {i, Length[iv]}] ]] ] InputLine[{p_, q_}] := DynamicModule[{t}, ReleaseHold[ Row[{p, InputField[Dynamic[t]]}] /. t :> q] ] ButtonReSet[] := Button["New values", Module[{aa, bb}, ClearAll[a, b, c]; aa = ReleaseHold[pp[][[All, 2]]]; bb = pp[][[All, 1]] /. vals; Evaluate[aa] = bb;]] F[] := DynamicModule[{}, Dynamic[Plot[a x^2 + b x + c, {x, -1, 1}]] ] ClearAll[pp, a, b, c]; iv = {a, b, c}; pp[] := {{"coff a ", Hold[a]}, {"coff b ", Hold[b]}, {"coff c ", Hold [c]}}; vals = {"coff a " :> 2, "coff b " :> 3, "coff c " :> 4}; Dynamic[#] & /@ iv ReSet[] F[] ButtonReSet[]
  • 2. How reliable are mathematica's special functions? (Hypergeometric and
    I don't know if WRI will divulge anything about their algorithms for numerical approximation of Hypergeometric functions. Can I trust it? Mathematica 6.0 can handle AppelF1[1.6+.6] say, but Mathematica 7.0 won't even give an actual number (this is a problem all up the diagonal after a certain point. The problem occurs with parameters roughly as follows: AppellF1[1/2, .3, .3, 1/4, -100 z^4, z^4]; One: Before I try and figure out more of the nature of the function at different points, can anyone tell me if there are known problems with mathematica's special functions being reliable? Two: Given that I want to plot this function in a portion of the plane, can I have Mathematica overlook these sets of non-computable (by mathematica) points, and still get a plot? Thanks, Janey.
  • 3. upwind scheme in Mathematica?
    hi all, I am trying to solve convection-diffusion-reactions(in time and one space coordinate) equations with NDSolve. Most of the time I am not getting solution to my problem as solver fails to converge. I guess the problem is very stiff and convection dominated. When I use upwind difference scheme in fortran, I get the solution easily. How can use upwind in NDSolve? What is the method mathematica uses to solve pdes? any comments are welcome. Thanks in advance.

documentation bug?

Postby Scot Martin » Fri, 24 Jul 2009 16:55:05 GMT

DataRange is listed as new in "5.1" according to Wolfram's 7.0
documentation.  I think this is incorrect. I'm using V5.2 (required for
webMathematica), and this option is not available. Does anyone confirm?

Re: documentation bug?

Postby Adriano Pascoletti » Sat, 25 Jul 2009 19:11:49 GMT

>From my Mathematica 5.2 I get


Attributes[DataRange] = {Protected, ReadProtected}

but I get no information from the help browser.

Adriano Pascoletti

2009/7/23 Scot Martin < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

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