General Advice: Don't take 70-229


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    I was planning on getting my certification for professional reasons. However, I have since read most of the posts here about the dump sites and how it has diluted the certifications dramatically. My conclusions from the posts I have read: 1. Microsoft certifications (and others as well) are worthless due to the ease with which one can cheat and obtain the cert. 2. Real professionals don't need the certs. How depressing! This doesn't have to be the case, you know. There is no reason why Microsoft can't thwart the braindump cheaters by changing up the tests as soon as they see the test is compromised. Don't be so hard on the braindumpers, it is Microsoft's responsibility to insure the value of their certs. There have always been cheaters and there always will be. However, I have never seen it so easy as with the cert exams! I already have my first test scheduled and will probably take it anyway, but you guys and gals have talked me out of going any farther. Thanks.
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    Dear friends, I would like to do . net courses, so can you please guide me ezactely what is MCAD and how is the future and where it is used .. and all. Thanks and regards satish
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    Ramesh wrote: > Hi > > Could anyone help me know which books to read to prepare > for exam 70-320 which is web services. I already took the > web applications exam and this is the second exam I am > preparing for my MCAD.NET cert. Is Microsoft press book > sufficient to pass the exam. No it isn't. Buy Amit & Priti Kalani's book from Que.
  • 4. Happy - passed 70-306... hour ago. Scored 821... not a lot, but a safe PASS! What's next? Do I have to register somewhere, or do I get mailed automatically? In case it makes a difference, I passed the test in Germany.

General Advice: Don't take 70-229

Postby RGF2aWQ » Sun, 11 Sep 2005 00:24:11 GMT

Stick with the Web and Windows exams, 70-229 is difficult in the sense that 
you have to memorize entirely new syntax, terminalogy, methodology.  

Alot of the information you have to know would be good for a DBA but less 
useful for a developer.  The exent of SQL i anticipate having to know on the 
job involves stored procedures, not triggers, cursors, user defined fuctions, 
etc...  Alot of that can be replicated through a web front end.  Just my 
humble opinion, feel free to disagree =)

However, the one advantage to taking this test is that you are 1/2 way to an 
MCDBA if you also pass one the Web or windows core exams.  

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