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  • 1. 315
    send me about what questins ask
  • 2. C# & VB
    Has anyone either considered or completed a certification in both C# & VB? I am considering doing this on some exams like 70-305 & 70-315. I passed 70-305 but it does not seem like the C# exam would be completely different. I also would like to appear more "language independent" for future employment opportunities and I did not know if passing an exam in both languages would assist. Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated.
  • 3. microsoft training kit
    these boards are inspirational. i'm using microsoft's mcad prep book for 70-305/70-315. is this sufficient, or should i supplement it with another [1000-page ;)] volume or two? also, which practice tests offer the bast preparation? are any in circulation? where can i buy them? also, while testing, do i have access to framework documentation? thx
  • 4. 70-316 query
    Can anybody provide some information about following queries. 1. Passing score for 70-316 2. No of questions in exam. (approx.) 3. Does each question carry same weightage. Thanks. Regards, Pathik
  • 5. VS 2005
    Hello Excuse me for my bad english Can every on tell me what will happen with the persons that have some certification when Visual Studio 2005 exams will be availables? Current certifications will be validate? Will we have to pass de exams again?


Postby Sri » Wed, 04 Aug 2004 02:50:50 GMT

Hai friends, I cleared my 305 paper recently,Now i am 
planning to go for 70-320,I had one doubt.
Can I take this combination to gain MCAD,
web development paper using vb.net(305) which i cleared 
last week,WebServices using C#(70-320) ,SQL Server (70-

is this combination 70-305,320,229 is valid combination 
for MCAD or not,pls clarify my doubt,bec i want to finish 
my webservices using C#,can i do it.



Postby Shri » Wed, 04 Aug 2004 04:58:04 GMT

Hi Sri,

Cograts to clear 70 305. I am also planning to take this 
test soon. Can you please tell me which books did you 
refer to clear this test. And how much time did you spend. 
I am really appraciate for your reply. Thanks in advance.

Re: hai

Postby Eric » Wed, 04 Aug 2004 05:12:24 GMT

It's fine. MS doesn't care which language you use. You just don't get
credit towards MCAD if you take 2 tests on the same technology: like
the 70-310 and the 70-320, for example.



Postby Sri » Wed, 04 Aug 2004 05:35:30 GMT

I used MikeGunderloy 's Training Guide,I took 2months to 
prepare for exam,if spend strictly daily for exam 
preparation u may finish it in one month.



Postby anonymous » Sat, 07 Aug 2004 06:12:59 GMT

Thanks for your reply. Do you have any experience in IT 
field because i don't have much experience. Is this only 
book good enough to pass the test or did you use any tests 
like transcender or measureup. Thanks.

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