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  • 1. How many questions for 305?
    Can anyone tell me how many questions are they in the 70305 exams? i know its 2hrs 20 mins duration. Thanks
  • 2. Time span problem
    Hi, Everyone: I often come to this group, and found many useful information. I never take any MCP exam, I just wonder if there is any time limitation since you take the first exam until you finish all of them and get certification. Thanks!
  • 3. MCP Website?
    I recently passed my first exam, 70-316. I would like to check out the MCP website. I know what my MCP-ID is, however, I'm unsure what my Access code is. Could somone please tell me what this is and how do I get it.
  • 4. I have some .Net transcender exams I'd like to share.
    Hello, I'm asking if anyone here would like to share my .NET & other Transcender exams for half of the cost. It comes with 2 system keys so I can let you have one. Here is the list : 70-315 70-320 70-229 70-228 70-215 Email me at XXXX@XXXXX.COM if you're interested. Thanks, kitfai

Help me

Postby QW5pdGhh » Thu, 11 May 2006 21:03:01 GMT


 I am planning to do MCAD.Can anyone help me in this.I want to know how many 
questions will be there in first exam(VB.Net).Negative mark is ther?What are 
the books i have to read.Other than this any tips .

My Email Id :  XXXX@XXXXX.COM 


Re: Help me

Postby » Thu, 11 May 2006 21:45:18 GMT

Deer Anitha,

   Perhaps you should request help to be posted HERE instead of being 
privately e-mailed to you.  That way, when hundreds more like yourself come 
to this newsgroup in the future, seeking the EXACT SAME INFORMATION they 
might actually READ some of the posts in this group, and determine from the 
HUNDREDS OF IDENTICAL ANSWERS the information of which they seek?


Hope you enjoy the SPAM, though.

Re: Help me

Postby Cerebrus » Thu, 11 May 2006 22:00:24 GMT

LOL, Frisbee...

But isn't that wishful thinking !! I can bet that the hundreds of
people who ask THIS VERY QUESTION will NOT bother to read ANY of the
posts having IDENTICAL answers.

They will not ever bother to read (I think it's called Lurking) first,
and then ask. They will keep on asking the SAME questions over and over
again, and helpful people like us will keep answering the SAME
questions over and over again... till eternity.

But I wish it wasn't so... :-(

Re: Help me

Postby Simon Hart » Sat, 13 May 2006 03:08:11 GMT

What I never understand is, why is it so important how many questions there 
are? You either know the content or you don't!


Re: Help me

Postby Cerebrus » Sat, 13 May 2006 15:45:57 GMT

>> how many questions there are?

Could you elaborate, Simon ? Did you read the complete thread ?

Re: Help me

Postby Arsalan » Wed, 17 May 2006 04:23:15 GMT

I took the 70-305 exam on 29th Last month.

I recieved 43 questions, duration was 150mins, no minus mark, and pass % was
70% [i.e 700 out of 1000]. And every question carries different mark.

Re: Help me

Postby Simon Hart » Fri, 19 May 2006 22:51:59 GMT

What I mean is, we get lots of people wanting to know how many questions 
there are. Why is this important.


Re: Help me

Postby Cerebrus » Sat, 20 May 2006 02:34:56 GMT

Hi Simon,

Good to see ya !

Well, I guess it is because they want to mentally prepare themselves.
If they know that time is not going to be a constraint, then they can
comfortably take their time on each question. If however, time is
short, then it automatically makes the test more difficult, since you
don't have the luxury to dilly-dally on choosing an answer.

BTW, howz your MCSD prep. going ? How many exams left ?



Re: Help me

Postby Simon Hart » Mon, 22 May 2006 22:44:50 GMT

Good to see you Cerebrus!

Not too bad, kind of been bogged down in projects over the last month or so, 
so had little time to prepare for MCSD. But I have 2 exams left, I plan to 
take 70-300 probebly if not this week, next week.
I am currently reading Enterprise Development with Visual Studio .NET, UML 
and MSF by apress. It's a good book, but some of the examples are not clear 
when using Visio etc. But worth the read and I have learned alot from it.

I plan to finish with the TS BizTalk 06 exam as this is a must have skill in 
Enterprise Development today which I currently don't have.


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