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    I want to write .NET certification exam. Can anyone send me the details for the same with weblinks. I am wondering whether .net certification and MCAD is same or not. Please explain. Some guys say to write certification from brainbench. what is this? How it is different from MS? shiva
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    I currently own a popular MCSE website which I need help running. I am willing to pay someone to help out, I currently do not have enough time to run a hugely successful site like this by myself, with 1000's of members. I am looking for someone with the following. -Needs to have a strong MCSE background -Ability to Add content/articles to the site -Moderating the site -Keeping members happy -Advertising the site, possibly ?? -Needs to have lots of spare time to look after the general running of site -Think this is about it? If intrested please e-mail me at XXXX@XXXXX.COM

Help with a Search

Postby Kissi » Mon, 05 Jan 2004 16:53:36 GMT


Could anyone please help me with any method to search a database. I am
trying to search for range of dates. Example: I want to find if
1/02/2004-1/15/2004 exit in a database. The table has two fields;
StartDate and EndDate.

Re: Help with a Search

Postby Hermit Dave » Mon, 05 Jan 2004 20:21:45 GMT

first you are in the wrong newsgroup.... should probably be in

i am writing you a simple select.... do something like that

select * from Activity where
(StartDate Between '1 January 2004' AND '15 January 2004')
(EndDate Between '1 January 2004' AND '15 January 2004')



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