How do I prepare of MCAD Exam?


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How do I prepare of MCAD Exam?

Postby riz » Fri, 23 Jan 2004 18:00:53 GMT

I m novice in Visula Basic.NET. How can i prepare of MCAD 
examination, Please suggest me book or guide line 
material in this contest.

your ONLINE student

RE: How do I prepare of MCAD Exam?

Postby TWFoYXNlbg » Fri, 23 Jan 2004 19:01:05 GMT

riz, first of all .net is a piece of cake. but if you learn from a bad source.. you'll find it bitter. so first of all get to know what's object orientation is al about. No not what each word means just what it is all about.
then buy a good book ( i recomend you go straigh to a exam guid - i did and it worked for me. i used Microsoft press books)
read it and do the excersice. do your own experiments too. and don't be affraid of exams. they are not that tuff.

Re: How do I prepare of MCAD Exam?

Postby General Protection Fault » Fri, 23 Jan 2004 23:58:46 GMT


How do I prepare of MCAD Exam?

Postby anonymous » Sat, 24 Jan 2004 02:46:58 GMT

I just got my MCAD on Monday.  Here's what I did.
1. Skip classes - not worth the cost
2. Study practice exams - get a few (Not Self-test) and go 
through all of the questions - recommend Microsoft.NET 
Core Requirements MCAD/MCSD Self-paced training CD with 
practice questions for Web Apps and Windows Apps test.  
For XML Web Services test see if you can get a copy of the 
MOC (Microsoft official curriculum).  It actually helped.  
Also, still run through practice tests for the XML Web 
Services exam.
3. Take some time to study help files after going through 
the practice tests.  Te practice tests will highlight 
areas to work on.
4. Pray - it's about the luck of the draw.  If you get 
questions you're familiar with then you're in.

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